Smart Skin Review – Skincare by Niomi Smart

Smart Skin is a vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand recently founded by Niomi Smart. I’ve spent, quite literally, years trying different skincare products on the search for a brand that works on my skin…will Smart Skin?

My Smart Skin?

I thought it would be useful to give a bit of background on my own skin so you can consider this when reading my thoughts. I’ve struggled with acne-prone skin since a young teenager. I’m 20-years-old, and whilst it isn’t as bad as a few years ago, I still have a considerable amount of scarring and new spots.

My skin is quite sensitive and, from experience, I’ve found most drugstore products tend to not help. I recently thought I would try the brand ‘Simple’ again but to no avail. Despite moisturising and using oils, I find my skin is quite dry and, therefore, forms excess oil. Basically, it is a constant battle!

The disappointment from drugstore products actually led me to Smart Skin and wanting to try their products. I like to seek skincare with limited ingredients and ones I actually know! Ensuring that the products are vegan and cruelty-free is also essential.

Therefore, when I came to the end of my other products, I decided it was time to invest (yes invest) in trying Smart Skin…

Smart Skin’s ‘Super C Moisturiser’

The moisturiser is described as a “super C protective facial moisturiser with Blueberry and Kakadu Plum”. My first comment wouldn’t not be able to include the fact it smells SO GOOD!

This, along with every Smart Skin product, comes in recyclable packaging and is priced at £28 for 50ml. Which, compared to your standard drugstore skincare product, is a bit pricey. However, I will admit, you get what you pay for with the experience.

Inside, the actual moisturiser is white and thin, meaning you don’t need a lot. The product smoothly slides across your face whilst smelling DIVINE. It doesn’t feel like you are putting chemicals or ‘sludge’ on your face as with some other products. I won’t lie, I look forward to using it.

Smart Skin recommends using the moisturiser both day and night, however, I chose to use it only in the mornings (I put oil on my face at night but maybe also because I want it to last as long as possible…). I can confidently report back that it has improved my skin’s hydration. Other apparent key benefits include anti-aging and pollution protection, both of which I can’t comment on. But, I can say that my skin looks a lot brighter!

Smart Skin’s ‘Golden Jelly Cleanser’

Described as, “golden purifying jelly to oil cleanser with Grape seed oil and Orange fruit water”, this cleanser is like none I have ever used before!

Once again in recyclable packaging, the cleanser is priced at £24 for 120ml. As with the moisturiser, the most expensive cleanser I have ever purchased. I also wasn’t quite ready for the experience of this jelly cleanser…

The product inside is orange and, as described, looks like jelly. But when you warm it up between your palms to “trigger the actives and begin the melting process” it becomes a very thin white oil! I was quite confused on the first use as I was like ‘how do I use a cleanser that doesn’t foam?’. But, apparently the no foam bit is good! Using oils instead of harsh chemicals is much better for skin hydration and so goes nicely together with the purpose of the moisturiser.

So, whilst you may feel like you are rubbing (in circles of course) nothing on your face, the cleanser still does the job! It helps remove all my eye make-up and my skin is left feeling clean. As Smart Skin suggests, I use the product both day and night.

So, is Smart Skin…Smart?

Overall, I’m having a positive experience with Smart Skin so far. The products are so different from what I have previously used and the price definitely gives a different experience.

I really enjoy knowing that I’m using products with 100% and 99% naturally derived ingredients and that, of course, are vegan. In fact, one of my only complaints right now (and it is quite petty) is that sometimes I can’t screw the lid on the moisturisor after using it haha. My skin has been a lot better than I’ve previously seen, however, please remember that a lot of factors play into your skin’s wellbeing. Whilst I’m not a dermatologist, it is known that stress levels, diet and more can all impact your skin.

Smart Skin seems to be doing the job well for me right now and I shall continue to use the two products. The combined price of the items being £52 will be a huge factor on whether I purchase them again. But, of course, investing in your skincase, if possible, is important and something I’ve not really done before. I’m hoping Smart Skin will be the start of a new relationship with my skin!

Have you tried Smart Skin before or are you thinking of investing? Let me know down in the comments and feel free to ask any questions! Please do also leave any other skincare brand suggestions below that follow a similar ethos.

Until next time my friends!