Restart Training Guide by Natacha Oceane Review

Restart. is a training guide created and tested by Natacha Oceane. If you have read my content before, you already know how much I love Natacha. Natacha’s training style, approach to a long-term healthy lifestyle and personality always brings me back to her new training guides.

Restart, at the time of writing this, isn’t a new guide. I did Restart at the beginning of 2020, to get me back into the gym. Little did I know what was ahead of me! However, if all goes to plan, gyms will re-open in the UK SO SOON and I know people will be looking for ways to help themselves get back into that gym routine. This is what Restart is for.

Restart. by Natacha Oceane Training Guide Review

What is Restart. Training Guide?

Restart is a training guide created by Natacha Oceane. It is an 8-week programme for anyone – whether you are new to the gym or have been going for years. It concentrates on building up a healthy lifestyle and relationship with the gym.

I know, from experience, that it can be so easy to return from a break (whether by choice, or forced by a lockdown…) and throw yourself in the deep end. But, we all know that isn’t going to set us up for sustainable success. As I mentioned, I used Restart at the start of 2020. I wanted to fall back in love with the gym and give myself a good basis to work towards my (muscle) goals!

Restart concentrates on training smart (quality) and not quantity. Natacha is always an advocate for enough rest periods and days around training. It is those rest days that are going to get you to your goals!

What is Included in Restart. Training Guide?

As mentioned, Restart is specifically a training guide. After a one time payment (£29.99), the guide can be accessed via the Aflete app for life. This method is used for all of Natacha’s other guides too and I have never had a problem with it. I find the Aflete app to be user friendly and easy to record my progress in live time.

Alongside the guide on the app, you can also access a PDF. Restart’s PDF is shorter than the others. Natacha has previously included nutrition information, approved by Renee McGregor. However, Restart concentrates primarily on training and your relationship with the gym. Therefore, whilst topics such as nutrition, injuries and goals are mentioned in the PDF, they don’t go into too much detail.

The workouts come in 8-week splits. Since Restart is all about growing a healthy relationship with the gym, the workout split starts smaller and grows across the 8-week period. Week 1 begins with a Lower Body, Upper Body & HIIT, Full Body, Mobility (optional) & Rest Days. By week 8, you are set 5 or 6 workouts.

My Thoughts

My experience with Restart is positive! I was using the guide for it’s primary purpose – to grow my relationship and confidence in the gym. Having just moved house, this meant a completely new gym, new people and new vibe. I had always been fairly confident but the Restart training guide helped that go BOOM and I still feel the impact today. Through exercises and workouts I’d not thought to do before, to making me slow down and see my progress – I loved doing Restart.

The fact that the training guide doesn’t concentrate so heavily on nutrition is something I like. I didn’t have to worry about it – something I know helped me concentrate more on the gym and less so on obsessing over food.

The workouts Natacha has in the Restart training guide are some of the best I have ever done! I remember finishing sessions and going, wow, I KILLED THAT!

When it comes to training guides, I also have a tendency to be flexible with them. Some weeks I’m on track and others I miss 3 workouts. I never found that a problem with Restart and the impact of the guide isn’t missed.

Review Summary

Concentrates on building your relationship and confidence with the gymNo detailed nutrition section (this didn’t bother me)
Only a one-time payment, own the guide for lifeWorkouts can only be accessed by the Aflete app
8-weeks of workouts planned out for youRequires access to a gym
Ability to be flexible (quite literally with the Mobility sessions!)
Varied exercises & workouts, all demonstrated by Natacha

Are you considering on buying Natacha Oceane’s Restart training guide to help you get back into the gym? I would recommend checking it out! Also, let me know if you have any questions below!

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Until next time my friends!