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Would You Rather…? Tag Challenge!

Note: This is an extra edition to the two weekly posts, and I have a blog post on getting yourself together and spring cleaning your life, coming out on Sunday!

Hello There!

I awoke this morning to the kind @Rnsoulblog tagging me to do the ‘Would you Rather’ challenge! (Thank you!) You can go over and check out her post and blog at:

The way this works is that at the end of Syrah’s post she set each person tagged 10 ‘Would you Rather’ questions to answer. Therefore, at the end of this post I shall be tagging other bloggers – of which you should go check out, have a read and follow to hear their answers!

1: Would you rather have only one book to read for the rest of your life, or only one movie to watch?

Honestly, what a brutal question to start off with. It’s hard not to think of an answer to this question without a desert island situation creeping in!

I would have to go for only having one book to read, as I feel a book has more to offer than a movie does. With a book, you can imagine all different scenarios. Where as, with a movie, you don’t tend to have to imagine much as they provide you with the setting and what each character is like.

This is one of the main reasons, much to Jack’s dislike, putting off watching the Lord of the Rings films. I have only recently entered the outstanding world created by Tolkien and I have created what each location and character looks like from the books. I know that watching the movie will ruin what my imagination thinks and I hate the idea of that!

Photo of Lord of the Rings books, J.R.R. Tolkien. Two Towers and The Return of the King.

The question of exactly what book I would choose to read is a whole other extreme, and something I hope I never have to choose!

2: Would you rather have a picture perfect memory without a degree, or have a PhD already accomplished?

This one isn’t a problem for me, as I have already chosen to take a miss on university at this point in my life. These days you don’t need a degree to be successful, and I plan on proving that!

Having a picture perfect memory would come with its own downfalls, although imagine how insane it would be just to flick back through your memories – no need for a camera! I would create a new technology that takes the memories from my head and uploads them to Instagram…I shall call it ‘Mindmygram’!

3: Would you rather get perfect knowledge from a blue rhino where people would call you crazy, or imperfect knowledge from a professor (but be socially accepted)?

Pfft, ‘socially accepted’ has been lacking on my agenda for a while now.

I would like to assume that my family and friends aren’t going to completely disregard me as an idiot, (although they already slightly do) however I would just need to be careful what I said and who to. I would have to go on a hunt for fellow blue rhino listeners and start a club haha!

4: Would you rather have the highest number of views on your blog but without connecting, or a few views where your content hits home for the audience?

Since beginning blogging a couple of weeks ago and becoming involved in the community more and more each day, I have learnt that I love interacting with others and getting to read all sorts of types of blogs.

MSB Life, Bucket List, Like, Connect, Sharing

I think it would be weird to have almost ‘ghost readers’, because you would never get feedback to improve or make any relationships with other bloggers. I wouldn’t be writing this post if it wasn’t for socialising on Twitter with Syrah!

The feeling of someone taking time out their day to leave a comment on your blog post, tweet or photo (especially when they get involved in what you are mentioning) is amazing. It’s the same when I get to read other blogs and leave comments on them!

5: Would you rather read or write for the rest of your life?

Read. Read. Read.

You can learn so much, and the world(s) open up to you when you read. It is also such a large part of learning and improving at writing – plus I would assume that you wouldn’t be able to read your own work!? To me, if I was to choose writing, I would be confining myself to a bubble where I couldn’t learn about other experiences, or explore fantasy worlds. i.e. not a life I would choose to live in.

book shelves, lights, book aesthetic

6: Would you rather dress in 20’s-40’s fashion or today’s fashion (minus the restrictions imposed by 20’s-40’s regarding clothes).

Fashion from the 1920s – 40s is not one of my strong subjects (I have to admit), however from what I am aware – definitely today.

7: Would you rather participate in a murder mystery (like a dinner production) or write one?

Oh my god, If anyone has actually participated in one of those murder mystery dinners – PLEASE let me know how it was and how it worked out!

Whilst I love reading crime/police drama (my go-to book genre), acting one out would be amazing. Quite disappointed that I haven’t yet been able to take part in one, however I don’t think anyone I know would want to join in. A game or two of Cluedo at Christmas with my family does it for us for the year (I know how sad, I love board games) but if anyone knows where they host them, please send me a message!

8: Would you rather be a famous writer for your blog or for books? If for books, what genre(s)?

This is quite a tricky one to answer, because having the ability to write a book is one I look highly upon! (Especially fiction!)

However I have loved websites and blogs since I was a small girl and the thought of people taking time out of their day to come back to my blog, and look at what I have posted, makes me just that little bit more excited than a book!

I also think that writing for a blog allows you to be more open with what you write about, as someone usually buys a book for very specific thing, however whilst a blog tends to have a niche (honestly no idea what mine is right now!) it allows for wider content to be published.

9: Would you rather eat sweets or salty food?

I don’t think I have eaten a sweet since I went Vegetarian back in the summer of 2015.

However I can tell you one thing – I have consumed a LOT of salty foods. (POPCORRRNNN) I did like a good Haribo back in the day, but I can also consume salted foods without an animal suffering so – props to salt!

pink popcorn - salty foods

10: Would you rather move to a foreign country to learn their language, or learn their language before visiting?

And yet another tricky question to finish! As I mentioned in my 2019 Bucket List post, I have my heart set on visiting Germany later this year.

visit germany final

I also have my heart set on trying to learn the basics of the German language – of which, unfortunately, hasn’t had a great start. I find it tricky to learn a language alone, and none of my friends or family are really interested or have the time to learn it with me right now.

Therefore, whilst I assume it would bring me great stress at the beginning (I’m coming for you yoga), I would have to choose moving to a foreign country to learn the language. I would be able to find others who want to learn German like me, and actually spending time in a country where the language is spoken is supposed to be great!

And there we have it! I would once again like to thank Syrah for tagging me to do this challenge – and don’t forget to go check out her post!

Now, time for me to set 10 questions for other to answer!

1: Would your rather be confined to reading a book, or your phone?

2: Would you rather only be able to listen to one album, or never be able to choose what you listen to again?

3: Would you rather be able to run and never get tired – but not be able to swim, or just be mediocre at both?

4: Would you rather only be able to complete one game (and when you did you could never play another), or be able to play lots of games but never finish them?

5: Would you rather have an incredible understanding of the past, or a clear view of the future?

6: Would you rather live in the city or the countryside?

7: Would you rather meet your ‘idol’ in person and never be able to speak or consume their media ever again, or your ‘idol’ not know who you are but you are free to consume as you like?

8: Would you rather be forced to laugh or cry, at everything?

9: Would you rather enjoy the taste of everything but be colour-blind, or see the world in the highest definition but not be able to taste?

10: Both options coming with their natural benefits and downfalls, would you rather have to exercise for 1 hour every day, or never be able to exercise again?

I am tagging the following bloggers:

Ellie ( @ellieslife_blog ) –

MrsNuttallSays ( @mrsnuttallsays ) –

Bexa ( @hellobexa ) –

Lizi ( @BLOGlizi ) –

Vinchelle ( @TheVersherPost ) –

Chloe ( @WriteBluesAway ) –

Make sure to go check out their blog for their responses! 🙂

Till next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂


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