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Who Even Am I? (My Versatile Blogger Award Nominations!)

To be honest I don’t have a bloody idea – except maybe for being a stereotypical British person with my choice of language!

Hello There!

I’m sure everyone has been known to ask themselves this question at one point or another.

Well, today is that day for me!

I hope you are all having a jolly old week and that March has got you all excited for a brand new season of 2019! Today I have decided I am going to write a lil‘ bit about, well, me, whilst also answering the 7 facts about myself for my nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award! (Versatile is an awful word to spell – thank you Grammarly…)

If you have no idea what I am chatting when it comes to the VB Award, then don’t worry – you can still learn something about me and then carry on your day! If you are still interested, the Versatile Blogger Award has been going around the ‘blogosphere’ (is that word copyrighted for the magazine¿) for a little while now and is recognition for bloggers who show true passion and create inspirational, funny and interesting content!

I have KC from Live The Frugal Life and Carlo and Angelique from Sincere Travelers! Both have been so lovely and supportive of me and my blog, and I truly recommend going and checking out their work, whether that be to save a few £££ or to get some tips on travelling! 🙂

Now, take it away for the 7 facts about me!

1: I LOVE Animal Crossing, and believe it is one of the best games ever created.

Whilst I don’t have much time these days to sit down and play it, it is still is my favourite game of all time and BLESS Nintendo for birthing it.

2: My favourite music genre is EDM

This has been the case ever since about Year 8 really. I had brief phases of ‘I WANNA BE AN EMO‘ and chart music beforehand but the only genre that I have continuosly listened is EDM. Whilst there are quite a few sub-genres, I don’t have an ideal preference and love a bit of them all.

3: I can type SUPER FAST on a keyboard

In primary school I attended ‘Keyboard Club’ in which week after week I made my way through BBC’s Dance Mat Typing and BAM now I can type super fast. It’s something I am quite proud of actually!

4: I am quite (very) indecisive

I can’t really pin point a reason why – which as I am typing this I have realised is part of the problem, but I am just so indecisive. When it matters, I tend to be quite a good leader and can make strong decisions. However, when it comes to like what to eat for dinner or what do I buy – honestly just walk away and come back in 3 hours…

5: I ADORE the Simpsons so very much

The Simpsons was never a TV show that my brother and I watched when we grew up, and it was only really in the last few years that I was blessed with the shows. I think it is absolutely hilarious, and actually has me not being able to breathe, crying and on the floor. (I’m not kidding, my Mum and Jack can prove this.)

6: I am 100% a morning person

My productivity in the morning is like 1000% present, and then from about mid-afternoon onwards it gradually decreases and then by the evening I’m fully prepared to say ‘cya‘ to the day. I wake up around 4:45am each morning, so I can get the gym in before work, and go to bed about 8:15pm at night. This blows some people’s minds, but it is just what works for me!

7: I just want to do a bit of everything!

Maybe this one can link with being indecisive, but I just like volunteering and taking opportunities because I just want to experience or learn a bit of everything! I know that quality advice usually goes something like, ‘Choose one thing, and become an expert in it‘ but I CAN’T CHOOSE THAT ONE THING! So instead I will choose everything!

And there we have some absolutely useless facts about me!

Feel free to let me know if you like Animal Crossing (a.k.a be my friend) or if you can relate to any of my facts. As part of the VB Award, you need to nominate 15 other bloggers who you think deserves the award! Now, I want to thank KC, Carlo and Angelique once again for my nomination and without further ado..


yes i am doing this as an award show – do you have a problem?

In the category for: ‘Just being an overall AMAZING person‘ we have Emily! @emilygabriellax

In the category for ‘Playing really cool games (and just being a cool person in general)‘ we have Chloe! @WritesBluesAway

In the category for ‘Best vlogs and a talent for attracting pigeons HA‘ we have Lea Bella! @LeaBellaBlogs

In the category for ‘Being such an inspiration for “YOU GO GIRL”‘ we have Ellie! @ellieslife_blog

In the category for ‘GIVE ME YOUR DOG NOW‘ is Rebecca! @rebeccaellisco

In the category for ‘DAMN your life is aesthically pleasing‘ is Shannen! @bookmarksandink

In the category for ‘You make me want to leave my job and TRAVEL‘ is Kristina! @livwonderfilled

In the category for ‘Being hilariously northern‘ is Lizi! @BLOGlizi

In the category for ‘I WANT YOUR DOGS TOO‘ is Ashli! @YouMeAndBenny

In the category for ‘My favourite Mum blogger!‘ is Mrs Nuttall! @mrsnuttallsays

YAY! I know that isn’t 15 people, but I wanted to mention those that have been so kind, supportive and I have just really enjoyed getting to know over the past couple months of blogging – so thank you!

Till next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂


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