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Top 5 Vegan Places to Eat in Edinburgh!

As I think I have mentioned too many times before, back in March 2019 Jack and I took a trip to Edinburgh.

We didn’t have a set purpose and the aim was just to fill our days with exploring. (And of course, getting a tattoo…)

I created an itinerary and what a surprise, it was jammed pack full of food. (Let’s all be real here, it isn’t much of a surprise is it?) I am tempted to write a post about ’48 Hours in Edinburgh’ so let me know if this would be something you would like to see!

Since I am now, apparently, an expert after spending 48 hours constantly eating, I would share my ‘Top 5 Vegan Places to Eat in Edinburgh!’

These places aren’t only for Vegans!

I would like to mention that none of these places is primarily vegan. I follow a Vegan diet and Jack does not so we always look for places that work for us both. So if you are in a similar situation – this list will be perfect for you! 🙂

Top 5 Vegan Places to Eat in Edinburgh

The Piemaker


The Piemaker

This was the first thing on our itinerary. After we got off the train we wasted no time (actually we did waste quite a bit of time fangirling over this window…) and headed straight for The Piemaker‘!

Avengers Infinity War Window in Edinburgh

I adore pastry. ADORE. I can gladly say I was not disappointed with our trip here. They catered perfectly for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans – so pastries for all!

(This was also the moment when Jack had his first Iron-Bru and, honestly, it went downhill from there.)

If you are looking for a bloody good pastry, that is quick, easy and has a nice little stool area for a quick bite to eat then I can fully recommend a trip here.

Mum’s Great Comfort Food

Top nosh at half the cost

Mum’s Great Comfort Food

I have posted photos from ‘Mum’s Great Comfort Food‘ on my Instagram before, which shows just how much Jack and I enjoyed this place!

Outside Mum's Great Comfort Food in Edinburgh

This was the meal I had just before I went to get my tattoo, so as you can imagine I was feeling quite nervous. However, we had possibly one of the best waiters ever, who was so friendly, enthusiastic and said that next time I was to visit I would be covered in tattoos! (I don’t think so matey)

I went for the vegan-alternative to the Pumpkin and Sage pie and Jack chose the Beef Burger. Both were delicious – and of course Jack had another Iron-Bru. (That was mixed with ice cream!?)

Mum's Comfort Food of Beef Burger and Pumpkin Sage Pie

To top the customer service off, they give you a few pieces of sweets when you leave. In typical Jack and Millie style, we ended up dropping ours on the floor (lol) but they went and retrieved us a ton more! Overall a lovely and cosy experience that I would return and recommend.

Bibi’s Bakery


Jack and I had this sort of ‘commotion‘ whilst on the hunt for a vegan chocolate cake/brownie for me. You know when you just really want something and can’t think about anything else? Mix that with being HANGRY and you can picture what sort of situation it was.

We (finally) ended up finding a lil‘ place called Bibi’s. Their entire shop is covered in cakes, cupcakes and treats and they all looked too delicious. (You know, when something looks way too good to eat? It doesn’t happen often, but it did.)

Bibi's Bakery Oreo Tiffin Vegan

I ended up buying an Oreo Tiffin (I had actually not heard of a Tiffin prior to this and I felt so uneducated!) and AHHH it was AMAZING! It was THAT good that I actually made Jack and I walk back the next day so I could buy another one for the train.

Thank you Bibi’s Bakery. Thank you.

Maison De Moggy

Scotland’s First Cat Cafe

Maison De Moggy

Now, I want to mention that Jack and I didn’t actually eat any food Maison De Moggy. We had just eaten our pastries and how can someone concentrate on food when they are at a cat cafe!? I did, however, get to peek at the menu and I wanted to give it a quick mention.

Maison De Moggy Cat Cafe

The main reason Maison De Moggy made it onto this list was because of the experience that came with your food and drinks. There was an endless choice of teas and even vegan cake to choose from so everyone would be happy there. The food and drink aren’t exactly cheap, especially after entrance fee, but at the end of the day it is worth it if you want to get the full experience!


Are you even surprised Wagamama made it onto the list?

Jack and I do not go ANYWHERE without making a dinner-stop at Wagamama. We have the same thing every time and it is just great.

Wagamama in Edinburgh

We wanted to concentrate on spending our money on individual and local cafes but Wagamama had to be the only exception. (I’m not sorry) I have gone on about how much I love Wagamama several times before so I won’t do it again but I thought it was worth a mention!

There we have it ladies and gents, my top 5 places to eat in Edinburgh for both vegans and non-vegans!

I hope you found this list useful if you are thinking about planning a trip to Edinburgh. If you have been before, please leave your recommedations down below as I am sure Jack and I will return again soon!

Till next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂


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