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Top 5 Tips to Set Yourself Up for Fitness Success in 2020

One year yesterday, (March 11th 2019) I posted a blog post on ‘5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Fitness Success in 2019‘. The points made varied from organisation to trying different types of approaches. 2019 was a HUGE fitness year for me and I am so excited to see the progress I make in 2020. The comments I received on the post showed that you found it very motivating and useful, so, without further ado –

Top 5 Tips to Set Yourself Up for Fitness Success in 2020

Tip One: Prioritise Your Rest Days

This tip, for setting yourself up for fitness success in 2020, comes from my experiences in 2019. You may have even experienced similar yourself. You finally feel so motivated to start SMASHING your fitness goals that you find yourself working out every day of the week. Maybe even feeling guilty when you miss a day.

Well folks, that is one thing you NEED to leave behind in 2019! Make 2020 all about prioritising rest days. (I know I am!) A rest day is defined as ‘a day spent in rest, especially as an interlude between periods of activity.

Me under white bed covers getting some rest on my rest day helping set myself up for fitness success in 2020

Sources online are starting to suggest that these ‘interludes between periods of activity‘ may be even more important than the exercise itself.

This area has so much to it, which I am keen to explore, so let me know in the comments if you would like to see a blog post on it!

To ensure you are getting the full potential from your rest day make sure to include some of the following:

Tip Two: Quality Workouts, Not Quantity

Similar to the first point I made above, 2019 may have seen you (as well as me) banging out workouts every day of the week. But, doing that meant that I wasn’t performing well during my them. In the end, I had to take months off of the gym due to health reasons. Basically, I just wore myself out.

Therefore, to set ourselves up for fitness success in 2020, we all need to make sure we are having QUALITY workouts and not just aiming to get to the gym every day.

Find out what works for you. Some people can make it to the gym 5 times a week. Can I? Nope. 3 or 4 times, when my life allows, suits me fine and gives me enough time to recover. (Which you are now aware is VERY important!)

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Tip Three: Eat Enough!

Whilst the concept of eating less food (and therefore calories) is becoming increasingly unpopular, it still remains ingrained in our brains. But, we don’t need these unhealthy habits creating barriers to us reaching fitness success in 2020.

Please, please, PLEASE ensure you are eating enough. If you are doing several heavy and high intensity workouts during the week then 1200 calories a day ain’t going to help you. The food we eat, whether on an active or rest day, fuel our bodies. It allows us to work harder, as we have more energy to exert. It is also SO important that you don’t decrease how much you eat on rest days. As mentioned in tip one, the food consumed will help muscle recovery and towards your progress!

Rice, Chickpeas & Veg Dinner with a large portion to fuel me in order to set myself up for fitness success in 2020!

This is also relevant if you are trying to decrease fat and tone up. The more muscle you have, the more calories you exert when doing exercise (or any activity). Therefore, a person with more muscle will burn more calories in an hour than someone with less. Therefore, you WANT to be eating enough to support your workouts as it will help SOOO much towards your goals.

Tip Four: Consistency = Fitness Success in 2020

So, we have covered the importance of prioritising rest days and eating enough to support your quality workouts. You’ve got everything planned out and you are feeling set up to SMASH and achieve fitness success in 2020. There is one KEY thing left – consistency. (CONSISTENCY IS KEY!)

This is where finding the right balance is so important. It will impact on how long you can remain consistent with your fitness success throughout 2020. You can try be this ‘perfect‘ human for a few days. But, that has nothing on someone who consistently turns up for their workouts ready, because they have allowed themselves enough rest. Someone who feels fuelled to perform to their highest standard, because they eat enough. That is the kind of person that will see success and long-term progress.

Tip Five: Follow a Guide

This tip won’t be for everyone but it will be relevant for lots. If you are wanting to set yourself up for fitness success in 2020 but are feeling quite lost or unmotivated then following a fitness guide could change the game.

This also comes from my personal experience of doing Natacha Oceane’s Cut Reload fitness guide. I felt a new sense of motivation, purpose AND I had what to do in the gym all set out for me. It was a win-win. (I actually can’t recommend Natacha’s fitness guides enough.)

Natacha Oceane's Cut Reload Workout Programme PDF on OnePlus 6T

Cut Reload – Suitable for those looking for some motivation and to gain muscle whilst losing fat. Check out my Cut Reload Series Review!

Restart – Also suitable for those looking to find a new sense of motivation but also those first-starters and those looking for a new way to train! RESTART REVIEW COMING IN APRIL 2020!

hi i am jack bye now

Do you feel more prepared to set yourself up for fitness success in 2020?

I hope you have found this post useful for setting yourself up to SMASH your 2020 fitness goals! Whilst I’m not a professional, these tips have all come from personal experience and, in some cases, from learning the hard way. Hopefully these have allowed you to skip that bit and to start seeing success!

What are your 2020 fitness goals? Have I missed an important tip? Let me know your thoughts below! Make sure to also subscribe to me over on YouTube for more fitness, motivation and Animal Crossing content.

Until next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂

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    • msblife28

      Exactly! I used to think that you got abs but eating less food but nah you got to gain ab muscle to actually have abs and guess what, that requires eating enough good food! Also HAHAH ikr

  • Kelly Diane

    Such a great post. I agree its so important to make sure your eating enough because food really is the fuel for our bodies. I’ve been following the guide from Carly Rowena and I find it so helpful that what I need to do each time is set out for me. Its like having a personal trainer without the cost.

  • Charlotte

    Such a great post, Millie! I always used to pressure myself not to take too many rest days and then I would over do it and end up resting for ages. I love exercising outside so I’m really looking forward to warmer weather!

    • msblife28

      YAY thanks Charlotte! I can’t wait until the warm weather either, especially since we are all going to have to start training out of gyms now! Rest days are so important and I think I may write a blog post on it a lil’ in the future.

  • Jenny in Neverland

    Thank you for this! I started a new fitness programme this year and I’m finding it a bit difficult although I am enjoying it. They’re short HIIT workouts, both for endurance and strength so a good mix! I’m definitely prioritising my rest day today! xxx

    • msblife28

      Thank you so much for reading Jenny! I love starting new programmes and the motivation that comes with it but that doesn’t always last so it’s good to hear you are enjoying it! I love doing HIIT – what guide are you doing? Enjoy your rest day!

  • Sophie Hill

    This is fab! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful read, it is really helpful for those struggling as a result of lockdown or the pandemic. It certainly affected my motivation levels! I love this positivity in this!

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