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Top 10 Things to do in Amsterdam (with links + vegan recommendations!)

Hello There!

Waaay back in July 2018 (which seems a lifetime ago now), Jack and I travelled to Amsterdam (thanks mum and dad!) and spent 5 days exploring what the city had to offer!

I thought it would be useful, whilst also another trip down 2018 memory lane, to write my ‘Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam’, along with links for easy travel planning and vegan recommendations!

So, in no particular order…!

ten things to do in amsterdam!

1: visit vondelpark

This may top my list of beautiful parks I have visited!

An ‘19th century urban park‘, which for a first was HUGE but also full of nature. Whilst you had the option of taking the bike path, we chose to walk our way inside – and naturally found ourselves walking towards food. After being Vegan for 2 years, I had gotten used to not expecting much – BUT this small park cafe had a burger suitable for Vegans! It’s called ‘De Vondeltuin‘, and whilst it wasn’t the cheapest lunch option, for its location and the fact I had an option to eat there was good enough for me!

2: visit the sex museum

Now this might not be a thing for everyone, but being immature young adults like Jack and I are, how were we going to give up an opportunity to go to a sex museum for only 5 euros!? This museum gains its popularity as you are free to take photos and videos as you wish (which of course we did), however it is actually very educational and historical museum – so if that is your thing make sure to add this to your list!

3: visit a cafe called Vegabond


This Vegan ‘Lunchroom and Store’ was by far the best part of my trip to Amsterdam, and I probably would return just to go back. I mean, I loved it so much that I bought their tote bag!? Back at home, Vegan cafes are rare to non-existent so I embraced everything this little place had to offer! I ate the BEST Vegan brownie and tofu ‘sausage’ roll and their store stocked a huge range of Vegan products! Please, if you are ever around Leliegracht (Located near Anne Frank Huis), make sure to drop in and try some of their brownie – you won’t regret it! (To check out their website click HERE! p.s. I wish they sponsored me, I am no lie their #1 fan)

4: walk through the red light district

This isn’t really something we set out on our day to do, however we accidentally found ourselves walking through, on our hunt for a place to eat lunch, so you know we had our nosy. But speaking of lunch…

5: google map vegan places to eat!


I am so sad that I can’t remember the name of the cafe we ate it, but at least I took a photo! The Vegan options available throughout Amsterdam are vast, so all I can recommend is to use google maps to your advantage! Even if you are travelling with someone who isn’t Vegan (like me), you are bound to find somewhere! I’m fairly sure at one cafe Jack enjoyed his lunch even more than I did – so make sure to check at least one out on your visit.

6: visit the nemo science museum!

Put on your child scientist hat and take a visit to the Nemo science museum! Trying out all the experiments (and actually learning quite a bit!), we had a fun-filled day out. Plus the walk to the museum takes you to a part of the city that you may not have previously chosen to walk through before. (You also get to see the museum’s outstanding build!) It is well worth a visit, even if it is just to visit the roof top garden and cafe!

7: visit artis zoo and the microbe museum!


Whilst it could be argued zoos aren’t the most vegan-friendly way to spend your past time, Jack had his heart set on going and I won’t deny that I thoroughly enjoyed walking among the animals. (Plus I got to read about how Artis supports nature conservation) Also, as part of a ticket deal, we got access to the Artis Micropia (Microbe zoo) – which was definitely more my thing!


8: get off at a random tram stop and explore!

Amsterdam has so much to offer that it would be impossible to plan it all in one trip. Therefore I suggest getting off at a random tram stop and seeing what it has to offer!

9: verzetsmuseum

Jack and I are interested in History, especially when it comes to the World Wars. Therefore, when we found a WWII museum all about the Dutch resistance, we found ourselves lost in the history. The tour comes with an audio guide, which allows you to scan different displays and learn more about what’s on show. If you are interested, I highly recommend going, especially when the history of the Dutch resistance was never prominent in my WWII lessons.

and for number ten, here is a tip –

10: buy a day/2-day/4-day tram ticket


If you are planning on travelling by tram, which after walking everywhere on the first day we certainly did, then I recommend purchasing a day (+) ticket! We were able to buy them from a vending machine in our hotel reception, but I’m sure they are available to buy throughout the city. (or online if you book in advance) The tram ticket system works by just swiping it when you get on, and once again when you get off – plus they are super affordable, especially with all the tram travelling we did!

And there we go folks – my top 10 things to do in Amsterdam! Don’t forget, if you are planning your travels, to use the links up to your advantage!

I would love to see your Amsterdam photos – get in touch via my twitter or instagram!

And remember, if you only take one thing from this post to implement on your travels – visit Vegabond! 🙂

Till next time my friends!



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