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Improving Your Wellbeing Through Simple Living! ‘The Year of Simple Living’ Ebook Review!

Please note: In response to my request to review Stephanie’s new ebook, she sent me a copy of ‘The Year of Simply Living’ for free. Despite this, all views are my own and my truth. I also do not earn any commission. If you are interested in checking out Stephanie’s brand new ebook, make sure to go check out it out over on her blog!

Hello There!

If you have been reading my tweets or seeing the photos on my Instagram, you would have known that I am taking some LARGE steps to ensure that I look after myself and fight back against the stress that easily builds up. If you are looking for ways to directly handle, or even completely avoid, the build-up of stress, then make sure to check out a recent post of mine: Top 5 Ways to Fight Back Against Stress!

As part of my move to prioritise self-care this February (and no not just because it is the month of looooovveeee), I volunteered to receive, read and review Stephanie’s brand new ebook! Stephanie is based over on Scale it Simple, which needs to be a go-to place if you are interested in improving your wellbeing!

Review, Book Review, Scale it Simple, The Year of Simple Living

Without further ado, here is my review!

The Year of Simple Livingis an ebook that introduces a new concept to growing into a simplified life once a month, for 12 months. In my opinion, I think it can be adapted to any period of time – and the freedom of it leaves it up to you! Obviously I haven’t read one chapter over the course of a year, however, I have made my way through the chapters and stopping, learning and reflecting on what I have read.
Right from the beginning, Stephanie separates the concept of simple living from minimalism or just ticking off ‘to-dos’. Whilst minimalism can play a part and does in sections of this ebook, it is not the main concern and those who are unmotivated by the large, white and clean spaces that are shown across social media should be assured that this is not what this is concentrated on. The idea of having a smaller living space is actually put forward as a recommendation for taking steps to a simpler life.
The benefits of having a simple life are set out right at the beginning, allowing you to have them to build goals, and just reflect upon during the chapters. My two favourites are having less stress and saving more money!
The ebook’s chapters span from gratitude to budgeting, and include lists and even a budget spreadsheet to make sure you don’t feel abandoned after reading the chapter! Throughout, Stephanie also allows the reader time to return to the thoughts and actions of previous chapters, to make sure you haven’t gotten stuck in your old habits.
The tone of the ebook is informative, however, Stephanie’s personality still comes through with, for example, the low-key funny comments made throughout!
The design is, of course, very simplistic, following the white, black with some other colours, like green, colour scheme. This ensures that I can concentrate on the actual content, and not be distracted, however at times I did feel like there were long stretches of just black text which potentially could have been split up. Apart from also not liking the header font, as I am naturally not a fan of curly fonts, I really liked the fact that the design of the book itself portrayed the message Stephanie was trying to get through – ‘Less is truly more’!

To conclude, and summariseThe Year of Simple Living‘:

  • The ebook itself is ‘simple’ and clean, allowing me to concentrate on the content – however I did feel there could have been more graphics or colours at certain points.
  • The language is reader-friendly and easy to follow.
  • The lists and challenges incorporated into the different months kept me involved and aided the monthly goal.
  • It can be adapted for any period of time, not just 12 months.
  • The ebook does not leave you ‘hanging’, and provides a sense of all-around support – even to the point of what to do when your housemate doesn’t want to join in!

I would like to thank Stephanie for sending a copy over to me, and I highly recommend you go check out her website and see if her content is something you would be interested in purchasing!
I had a lovely (and motivating!) time reading the ebook, and I now have so many ideas of how I am going to simplify my life – so make sure to look out for a future blog post!
Make sure to go connect with Stephanie on her social media, links below, and feel free to leave any comments (or message me on my social media) on your thoughts of living a simple life!
Twitter: @stephjparrell
Instagram: @stephaniejparrell
Pinterest: Scale it Simple
Till next time my friends!
-Millie 🙂


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