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The Best Animal Crossing Merchandise – ChloeOIllustrates

The Best Animal Crossing Merchandise‘ is a brand new blog post series where, surprisingly, I review Animal Crossing merchandise! Each post I will be going into detail about a different artist and their Animal Crossing designed products. (This is also a win for me as now I have reasons to buy more!)

I knew there was no one better to start this series, of the best Animal Crossing merchandise, off than with Chloe! Chloe Osborn, also known as ChloeOIllustrates and Writing the Blues Away, is a 22-year-old writer, blogger and illustrator.

Chloe began illustrating various settings, such as her playing her Nintendo Switch. Over the months I have had the opportunity to see Chloe develop her skills into pixel art and, now, physical products! Since then, I have purchased many of Chloe’s products, particularly from her Animal Crossing range.

I am going to be going reviewing each of Chloe’s Animal Crossing items that I own. This should allow you to see for yourself why Chloe is on my best of Animal Crossing merchandise list!

Chloe’s ‘Tom Nook from New Horizons’ T-Shirt

I first saw that Chloe had designed this Tom Nook t-shirt over on Twitter and I loved it. I didn’t yet own any Animal Crossing themed clothing and I knew I would have to change that in the near future. BUT, little did I know that Jack (my boyfriend) had SNEAKILY spoken to Chloe and ordered it for me! So, thank you to Jack for the t-shirt and props to Chloe for having to deal with Jack.

White t-shirt with Chloe's Animal Crossing Merchandise Tom Nook Design

As you may see in the photo above, the design is high-quality. It is also large, the colours are bold and, to be honest, I haven’t taken it off since. (I’m even wearing it right now)

Jack bought me a medium, which fits me nicely with some room. (I would usually be comfortable in a UK size 12) The sizes range from XS to 3X and each t-shirt costs Β£20.

I ADORE this t-shirt and if you are looking to gift someone (or yourself) then I would definitely recommend checking this out. You can find it on Chloe’s Etsy store – ‘Tom Nook T-Shirt New Horizons‘.

The BEST Animal Crossing Merchandise – Chloe’s Colouring Sheets

These colouring sheets are my FAVOURITE Animal Crossing items from Chloe so far. The characters look amazing and it also allowed me to test my naming skills before playing New Horizons!

My finished colouring of Chloe's Animal Crossing colouring sheets

Not only are they cute but they also influenced me to start my weekly Instagram Lives, on Mondays at 5pm. I spent 3 weeks chatting and colouring and I had the BEST time. So you can be sure that when you have a break from New Horizons, that you can come spend a few hours colouring in!

These colouring sheets come as a digital download, ready for you to print, and are priced at Β£2.40. I love general colouring, but, I can confirm that colouring Animal Crossing characters and items is MUCH better!

Chloe’s KK Slider Bookmark

This Animal Crossing bookmark is the latest edition to my Chloe collection. If you haven’t read or watched my other Animal Crossing content yet then you may not know, but, KK Slider is my FAV character. It was for this reason that I just couldn’t miss out on getting this bookmark. (The fact that I was able to support Chloe in the process was even better!)

Chloe’s products always come with a lovely message!

As you may see above, the bookmark shows KK Slider calm underneath a tree. You then have the famous balloon and present floating above and a common butterfly next to some yellow flowers below. The colours are just as bold and high-quality in person and the whole vibe of the bookmark is relaxing.

Each bookmark costs Β£2.50 and comes laminated and ready to use! I think this is a fantastic price and I am already enjoying using it.

Chloe’s ‘MSBLife’ Animal Crossing Pixel Art

As some of you may know, I have recently started streaming on Twitch. Whilst I play other games, I primarily play Animal Crossing. Therefore, I wanted to have a profile picture that had a mix of Animal Crossing but also others. I commissioned Chloe to create it and she did just that!

Chloe has various different illustration options up on her Esty store. But, she also listened and incorporated my suggestions to really make it my own. My pixel character art arrived within a few days and with a, requested, transparent background.

The total for the commission was Β£15 which I think is SO reasonable and I will definitely be asking Chloe to make more art for me in the future! I recommend going and taking a look at her other styles too.

As you can probably see from that review, I LOVE everything Chloe draws, creates and sells and I know you will too. Please make sure to go check Chloe’s Etsy store out and follow her Art Instagram to see when new items go live. Let me know in a comment below whether you own (or will own!) any of Chloe’s products!

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Until next time my friends!

-Millie πŸ™‚

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