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Starting YouTube – My Fight Against the Comfort Zone!

Yep, I’m beginning 2020 off by starting a YouTube channel!

‘My Fight Against the Comfort Zone’ is a series where I embark on new and different experiences. These will allow me to continue to push myself out of my day-to-day life. Seeking fear, adrenaline and generally just a good time, you can read all about my what, why and AHH here!

Well, it’s been a while but I thought a ‘My Fight Against the Comfort Zone’ post was the ideal way to start off blogging in 2020! My last one was back in July 2019 when I spoke about why I had started going to Boxing class.

Whilst this post may not be as physically challenging, it is something that I have been wanting to do for a while. The start of a new year (and decade) provided me with enough push to just do it! So without further ado (I already sound like a YouTuber…) here is all about my BRAND NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

What, I’m Starting a YouTube Channel!?

Ahh I know! Over the years I have had various YouTube channels. From making videos about Club Penguin, Minecraft and I’m fairly sure I even made Build-a-Bear ones at some point. (HAHAH) I’ve always loved the process of creating content and I recently started thinking about why I wasn’t doing it now.

The answer to that is probably because it is SCARY. You open yourself up to judgement. But, I think I now feel comfortable enough to do it so to quote a new Selana Gomez song, ‘I’ll stay vulnerable’. (Go check out her new album, Rare, it’s really good)

Photo of me holding a camera, taking a photo of a computer monitor showing me starting a YouTube channel.

Why I’m Starting a YouTube Channel

There are various reasons why I want to create a new path for MSBLife to journey down. I have so many ideas, things I want to do and I just generally enjoy the creating process. It allows me to branch out further than my blog and also do a different type of content!

I saw my friend Shannen, who originally only blogged on Shannen Claire, start a Book YouTube channel earlier in 2019. Watching her create videos inspired me to go, ‘Why the hell not’!

I thought maybe that I would have to have everything perfect before I started, like the best youtube banner and camera. But, in reality, you don’t. Everyone starts somewhere and 2020 is the time MSBLife starts on YouTube!


There have recently been some big changes in my life, like moving out for the first time. That deserves a whole post to itself but the change in circumstance has meant there has never been a better time than now to start. I actually vlogged Jack and I’s moving out day back in December 2019 and that formed the content for my first video. I uploaded it on January 4th and welcomed the creation of MSBLife the YouTube channel! (AHHH!)

I was really nervous when pressing that publish button. But, I had watched the video a million times over and was really proud of it so pressing publish also felt really good. I hadn’t really promoted that I was starting a YouTube channel so I didn’t really have much expectation. So, when I just looked back at the video whilst writing this, to see that it has 50 views, 8 likes and I now have 7 subscribers is AMAZING!

Thank you to everyone who has already checked out my YouTube channel! If you haven’t already then please do go check it out and leave some feedback as I’m always looking for ways to improve. I have some REALLY EXCITING ideas planned (especially for March 2020 if you get what I mean 😉 ) and I cannot wait!

If you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel then, honestly, just do it. Your first video does not have to be this major motion film and there is never a better time to start than NOW! Of course, if you do have a YouTube channel then please leave it in the comments as I would love to check it out!

Until next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂

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