Photo of Darth Vader and Stormtroopers with the caption of: Star Wars: A New Hope - LIve in Concert!
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Star Wars: A New Hope – Live In Concert! [Trip to Leeds – December 2018]

Over the weekend of December 5th and 6th 2018, Jack and I took a trip to Leeds to watch ‘Star Wars: A New Hope – Live in Concert’!

The trip was a treat for Jack’s birthday back in October, so we set off on the Saturday morning to spend a nice lil’ weekend together. Whilst the main purpose of the trip was to watch and experience Star Wars live, we make some stops throughout Saturday (mainly food) and I wanted to share them with you!

Little did we know, when we embarked on our journey that morning, that we had booked possibly the busiest train I have ever experienced. To sum up just how busy this train was, the train staff started demanding that those trying to get on their booked train get off. I would recommend avoiding mid-morning weekend trains in the run-up to Christmas – especially when it stops at York, Leeds and ends at Manchester. (Damn you Manchester Market!)

Ever since Edinburgh back in July 2018, I have used AirBnB wherever I travel. So far I have been really lucky with the hosts I have stayed with – especially in Leeds! Our host was the loveliest old woman named Cynthia, who laughed and joked with us and gave us the best tips for getting around. If you ever need a place to stay, just outside Leeds City Centre, then hit me up.

Did someone say FOOD?

Now by this point, I was getting quite hungry. (We will ignore the fact that I ate a subway at the train station…) We weren’t really sure where we wanted to go for lunch, BUT THEN – Jack spotted a place named ‘Millie’s’! AND, it gets better – it was a health food shop and cafe! Wishing that I owned the place (because DAMN it was good), we went in for some lunch. Here, I shall bless you all with a photo of the vegan chocolate fudge cake I had…

Photo of Vegan Chocolate Cake from the shop Millie's in Leeds. Snapchat caption of: yesyesyes

I, of course, forced Jack to come with me to Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre. Whilst we made trips into his fair share of shops, ya girl goes there for one thing only – Victoria’s Secret PINK. I purchased myself a new bra and the world’s comfiest PJ leggings EVER! (I can confirm I have lived in them since this day) The only awkward thing was that you weren’t allowed to take bags into the concert, so Jack had to walk around with underwear and leggings in his pockets for the rest of the day!

Photo of Victoria's Secret PJ Leggings (Black and White with Trademark Dog)

Are you even surprised that for dinner we ate Wagamama? If you are then you haven’t been taking your notes, because Wagamama is by far Jack and I’s favourite place to eat out. I get the same thing every time – Vegan Yakai Yaki Soba with Udon noodles and Tofu. i.e. yummy in my tummy.


The Concert

2016 Millie would have never thought she would have been going to see a Star Wars concert. In fact, 2016 Millie didn’t think she would have ever seen Star Wars. I didn’t stubbornly avoid it, like Lord of the Rings up until late 2018. I actually grew up around it. Playing the games and watching the Clone Wars, I just never had anyone to watch the actual films through with. In comes Jack, of which watching Episode One was the first thing we did when he came over to my house.

I swear I will never get to watch Star Wars on a bigger screen than the one the arena had! Before entering the stage area there were people dressed up as characters collecting money for charity (which I later found out one of them was from my work…!) and they looked fantastic! Later, when they came into the stage area, you could see the light coming off from the lightsaber and I will admit it was really cool.

Star Wars: A New Hope Live in Concert Screen and Stage. Time, Date, Location and Bitmoji

Whilst I was worried our seats wouldn’t be good enough, we were pleasantly surprised that we had such a good view. The music was fantastic, the vibe was fantastic and the experience was fantastic! The only real let down of the event was that the band didn’t play Cantina! πŸ™

I can happily report that they are doing another event for Empire Strikes Back! I’m not sure whether I will be going yet, as Jack isn’t a huge fan of that film but I had such a great time that I hope I can experience it over again later in the year! I would highly recommend seeing where they are playing near you and grabbing some tickets!

We returned around mid-Sunday, to celebrate my Dad’s birthday, to top the weekend off! I also thought it would be a good idea to start my Intermittent Fasting journey off that weekend. You can read more about Intermittent Fasting here, as it is something that I plan to start back up again!

Until next time my friends!

-Millie πŸ™‚


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