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SHREDDY App Review: My Thoughts!

SHREDDY is a fitness, nutrition and community app created by B-ND and Grace Beverley. It can be found on the App Store or Google Play and is subscription based. This SHREDDY app review and thoughts are all my own.

I’m not going to try pretend that I was anything but EXCITED for the release of SHREDDY. Actually, scrap excited – I was HYPED. From what I was reading online, the app sounded like a magic gift and I instantly felt that motivation buzz.

Before I carry on, I want to explain a lil’ bit about my situation. (You can also read these two posts for a bit more detail – ‘I’m Worn Out‘ and ‘Having a Break from the Gym!?‘)

Me post-SHREDDY workout at the gym.

I was probably at the lowest point of my gym/fitness journey and I was looking for anything that could get me going back into my old habits. SHREDDY got me motivated to get back to the gym, but, I think it came at a wrong time for me. I didn’t need to be going to the gym five times a week. What I did need was more sleep and to become less obsessive and stressed.

So, as you can imagine, I didn’t manage to stay on the SHREDDY bandwagon very long. However, now that you know where I was at, I want to share my thoughts and review the app in case you were interested in checking it out yourself!

The Basics

The SHREDDY app was created by B-ND and Grace Beverley, whom you already know I respect. (and is role model material if you are looking for someone.) The app seemed to be the thing that was missing from the community. It meant you could do a SHREDDY workout, using B-ND equipment, in your TALA workout clothes.

The app is priced via subscription, of which Monthly is £9.99, Quarterly is £34.99 and Yearly is £79.99. I chose the monthly subscription. For what you are getting from the app, which I will speak about in a sec, that’s a damn good price! I really like how it is subscription based and changes things up to how workout guides have been done before.

The app works off of creating a sense of community for the users. Whilst there is a whole community section of the app, making it almost its own social media, it mainly goes off of Instagram. From a template to share your workout thoughts on your story to the #LetsGetShreddy challenge.

SHREDDY’s App Review – Workout Guide

Once you subscribe to the app, you have to answer a few questions so they know what workout plan to put you on. I was put on the Lean Muscle guide and, therefore, cannot speak for the others.

The Lean Muscle guide sounded like just what I was looking for and I was excited for Monday to come around. The workout split was: Push, Pull, Legs, Full Body, Booty and a Rest day. I had previously used and enjoyed the push/pull split so I was happy for that. However, I wasn’t too keen on the ‘Booty’ day.

I found that dedicating a whole day to a booty workout didn’t really align with what I was looking for. Sure, everyone is seeking a nice bum but that wasn’t my one of my goals. Therefore, I found myself purposefully avoiding those days and, where I found motivation, doing another workout. This begins the slight theme that may emerge from this review – it was too ‘instagrammy’ for me.

That, of course, doesn’t make the app bad. Other users thrive off of it, of which can be seen on Instagram. But, it just wasn’t working for me.

Moving on, I really liked the approach SHREDDY had to the daily workouts. It gives you a warm-up, exercises AND a finisher, really setting someone up to SMASH their workout. (They’re killers, trust me) The moves are clearly shown, via videos, and come across very professional.

The app also provides real-time workouts, that can be done at home, which is a big tick in my book. There is the option to airplay it to your TV and apart from the fact that I struggled to do some of the videos due to lack of equipment – I was really impressed.

SHREDDY App Review – Nutrition

I can’t start talking about the nutrition side of SHREDDY without mentioning how happy and excited I was (and am) that all the meal on the app are vegan! This is one of the reasons I have so much respect for Grace as she continues to do as she says.

Of course, products can be added to the meals, but I hadn’t had access to something like this before so I was fully into it. The app automatically gives you a breakfast, snack one, lunch, snack two and dinner. (Big hell yeah to including snacks!) You also have the choice to change the options as you please.

Showing a meal for the SHREDDY app review, falafel wrap on a Oneplus.

The meals varied from various porridge bowls and peanut butter rice cakes to falafel wraps. Most of the meals I tried were fairly easy to make. Although, I will admit, the ingredients to make homemade beans on toast are still in the cupboard!

One things I will say is that be prepared to meal prep. If you are working a full-time job then meal prepping is almost essential to really get the most out of what SHREDDY is offering. But, overall, I was really impressed by the SHREDDY meals!

Showing the shopping list for Week 1's meal prep for the SHREDDY app review.


I liked the idea of the SHREDDY app and I think it is successfully filling a whole in the industry. (Something Grace is v good at!) The reason that I ended my subscription early (outside of mental and physical health reasons) was that I didn’t feel it was aimed at me.

Growing my booty was not my priority nor did I want to rate my workout with emojis. Coming from doing Natacha Oceane’s Cut Reload guide, which took an alternative approach to fitness, I will say preferred Natacha’s.

But, I wanted to write and share this SHREDDY app review because everyone is going to think differently and be in different situations. If what I am mentioning is what you are looking for then I would 100% recommend subscribing because SHREDDY is fully equipped to help you SMASH your goals. And, well, that’s what we are all about on here! 🙂

Have you tried the SHREDDY app yet? What are your thoughts? Please leave your own mini SHREDDY app review in the comments below!

Until next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂

The text used in the post’s featured image is ‘Le Gusto’ and can be found here.


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