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Natacha Oceane – Cut Reload Guide: A Series Review – Ep 4

If you are interested in looking into or purchasing Natacha’s Cut Reload guide, then make sure to go check out her website and channel. With videos full of science-backed information that are also really enjoyable to watch – I will guarantee you will love her!

It has been a while since episode 3 of my Cut Reload Guide Series Review but I’m ready to complete this series with the final episode!

As we got into Autumn, I had to slow somethings down for a couple months for my mental and physical health. This included the gym but also blogging. I completed the last few weeks of Cut Reload prior to this, in August. However, I did write a few notes down and thankfully I am feeling better and ready to FINALLY complete this series review!

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My Cut Reload Guide SMART Goals Update

In the last episode of this Series Review, I set myself some SMART goals for the last 4 weeks of Cut Reload. This was after I came to a plateau in my motivation. Below is a HONEST update on how those goals went.

Goal: ‘I am consistent with my workouts for the next 4 weeks, but, this does not mean going to the gym every day.’

Update: This goal was my first attempt at cutting myself some slack during my run down that consequently led to #SlowDownSeptember. I am glad that I managed to stick to this one, being mostly consistent even if I didn’t manage to get all the weekly workouts done.

Me standing in the gym mirror after a Cut Reload guide workout.

Goal: ‘I am returning to the Nutrition PDF of Cut Reload, once a week, to review my weekly eating.’

Update: Since I’m being honest here – I think I did this about once. I don’t know why, but I just could not get myself to go back to that damn Nutrition PDF! It’s not that it wasn’t accessible (you can get it directly on the Aflete app) or that it wasn’t packed with useful science and information.

To be even more honest, I never really felt that the information was part of the guide. I was there for the workouts. My lack of attention to the PDF can, potentially, explain why I didn’t see much ‘Cut’ progress. (More on that below!)

Goal: ‘I am pushing myself on the two weekly HIIT workouts, by allowing enough time for them and reviewing my heart rate at the end.’

Update: YO, I DID THIS ONE! I even used the lil’ notes section on the Aflete app to record my heart rate. It did make completing the workout much more satisfying.

My Final Cut Reload Progress

Throwing it EVEN further back to Episode 1 of this Series Review, I set myself intentions and goals for Natacha Oceane’s Cut Reload. It is finally time to see my progress against them!

Just a side note: The below ‘now’ progress photos have been taking several months after finishing Cut Reload. Reference to my ‘I’m Worn Out’ post if you want more information on why this may not be the best Cut Reload progress to go off of physically. BUT, it is important to remember that progress comes in many other forms and this for me was WAY more important.

‘I want to end this 10-week experience feeling fitter, healthier and just a bit of a boss really’

Cut Reload DEFINITELY did this for me! I was lifting heavier weights than ever before, doing exercises with more power AND I was fit enough to run ‘The Great North Run’ only a month after! (Although, I don’t recommend doing both at the same time.)

Me at the Great North Run 2019 after finishing!

‘Do a push-up or pull-up from watching Natacha’s progressions’

I CAN JUST ABOUT DO ONE PUSH-UP AND I AM SO HAPPY! This was a big one for me. I haven’t managed to do a pull-up without assistance but I WENT IN for the push-up exercises! I still have a looooong way to go to get to where I want to be but I am proud of this progress. Natacha’s progressions seriously helped me and with such a wide variety of approaches to push-ups I really owe her to helping me get this far.

‘I would love to tone up a bit too.’

Gaining muscle from following the Cut Reload guide, that I have never had before, is 100% the best part. I am falling in LOVE with my shoulders and the definition in my legs. I am accepting the fact that ya girls got a lower belly but I can see definition in my upper abdominal! Referencing back to the first goal of wanting to feel ‘just a bit of a boss‘ – gaining muscle has helped me achieve this.

It could be argued that I didn’t see huge amounts of ‘cut’ progress over the 12 weeks. (This could potentially be due to me not implementing the nutrition side of the Cut Reload guide.) However, alongside gaining muscle and toning up I think I made great progress!

Me in the gym wearing a black gymshark cropped top and blue gymshark leggings showing my progress from Cut Reload Guide.
Progression Photo – November 2019

‘Expand my ‘exercise knowledge base’’

There’s no denying that I have SMASHED this one! Natacha’s workouts are so varied and really pushed me to try exercises that I’ve never done before. Sure, I was doing different exercises to everyone else in the gym but it kind of made me feel a bit of a ninja – and I LOVED IT! 1000% will be returning back to do Cut Reload’s workouts again.

So, What Am I Doing Now?

Since finishing Cut Reload back in August I have been thinking about what I want to do next. I purchased Natacha’s latest workout guide, BUILD, and plan to try that later in 2020.

Of course, since August I tried out the SHREDDY app – which you can find my thoughts and review HERE.

Me standing under an arch and in front of a bench posing with my knee bent and arms up.

What did you think of my Cut Reload Series Review? Did you find it useful? Please feel free to leave any questions and feedback below!

Till next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂

Me standing in the gym mirror after a workout with the caption, 'Cut Reload Guide Episode 4 Series Review my Final thoughts'


  • Madi Dearson

    So proud of you for going through all of it even if you did it at a different pace than the one you thought you’d have. I admit that winter makes getting out of the house and into the gym a little tougher for me, what helps me keep the motivation is the way my body feels stronger now, so I can totally relate to what you wrote about toning up – and your shoulders are amazingggg 🙂

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