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Natacha Oceane – Cut Reload: A Series Review – Episode 2

If you are interested in looking into or purchasing Natacha’s guide, Cut Reload, then make sure to go check out her website and channel. With videos full of science-backed information that are also really enjoyable to watch – I will guarantee you will love her!

Hello friends and welcome to Episode Two of my Cut Reload Series Review!

It has now been two weeks –

I just want to interrupt this introduction to say that it has actually now been FOUR weeks since I last wrote episode one of this series review of Natacha Oceane’s Cut Reload workout guide. If you have been a continued reader of my blog you would know I had some ‘technical’ difficulties with my blog over the month of April. (basically, I locked myself out of my own blog lol) This means my following opinions and progress are based on the past FOUR weeks of training!

…since I posted episode one and I almost as keen to share my thoughts with you as I was to start the guide. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have never used a workout training guide prior to Cut Reload but I am seriously wishing I had invested in Natacha’s guides earlier on. I can happily share that I have started seeing slow but steady physique changes but more importantly, I am becoming more confident and stronger in the gym.

If you are thinking about purchasing Natacha’s guide then keep on reading as I am going to share my experiences, opinions and progress for the end of week two!

Nutrition & PDF

I am starting with the PDF and nutrition side of things as I believe there is not as much to say. I will be honest that I have not returned to the PDF after my initial reading, although I probably should have. (Mental note – Millie go back and read the PDF!)

Despite this, however, things have been going fine and dandy. The first two weeks were complicated. For almost three out of the five working days, I have been out of the office travelling for work. It certainly put my digestive system to the test. I can now report my stomach does NOT like it when I eat excessive amounts of non-home cooked food.

Natacha Oceane's Cut Reload Workout Programme PDF on OnePlus 6T

HOWEVER, the last two weeks have been a blast. Returning home, and into a routine, has allowed my body to get into the flow of things and I am on a ROLL. My digestive system has been possibly the best it has been in about 2 years. After struggling so much with randomly bloating up and looking pregnant – it makes me want to cry happy tears. I know there will still be ups and downs to come but taking Natacha’s advice and trying to intuitively eat has allowed me to see progress in not only my physique!

My skin has been the best it has EVER been these past four weeks – which also makes me want to cry happy tears.


Next, I have chosen to quickly tackle how my routine has been going over the past four weeks. If anyone is wondering whether Cut Reload can be adapted to your lifestyle – it can. The workouts do mostly require a gym. But this didn’t stop me seeing results from the first two weeks of randomly timed workouts.

I mentioned over on my Instagram, (plug, plug, plug) a couple of weeks ago, that I had set myself up with a new workout routine. Using the workouts from Cut Reload, here is what my current weeks look like:








Upper Body and HIIT

Lower Body and Yoga

Full Body and Boxing Class

Active Recovery and Yoga

Full Body and HIIT

Rest/Park Run

Swimming (sometimes) and Yoga

My job means that I spend most of my day sitting so this routine has allowed me to get up and moving before and after work – which is great! Overall, I wanted to show how the guide can be adapted to anyone’s lifestyle and you can even just take out some of the workouts on weeks where you can’t/aren’t feeling it.

How Do I Feel Using Cut Reload?

Bloody amazing.

I feel strong, confident and a bit like a boss really. This month I have made more progress at the gym that I have over the past 3 years so Cut Reload has already been worth the money – even with 6 weeks to go!

Something that has seriously changed my game is having the workouts prepared for when I stroll up to the gym in the morning. It’s 6:00 am but I know Natacha’s got my back.

Cut Reload Week 2 exercises all complete held against window on OnePlus 6T phone.

The videos that she has filmed and included have allowed me to perfect my form. (except when I am falling over from those single leg deadlifts!) However, the progression she has included has meant that I don’t feel the need to ‘miss’ an exercise out because I can’t seem to do the final move. This supports that this guide can really be adapted to anyone’s lifestyle and ability and I love it.

Actually being able to tick off each exercise and click complete provides that lil‘ bit more motivation! (Which we can all do with that.)

I have also found myself spending more time in the gym than before. I used to spend around 30 – 40 minutes and SPEED through my exercises. Yet now I am learning to leave rest periods between each set and concentrate on the movements instead of what is coming up next.

Leg muscle progress photo with my animal crossing tattoo peaking out!

I am also loving the physique changes. Being able to see the muscles in my legs, personally, is really motivating for me and makes me feel strong. I also believe I have gained more tone in my back. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to do a ‘proper’ push up, although I am still working on it!

Cut Reload: The Progress

Around came the time to manipulate Jack into taking photos of me (by watching an extra episode of the Office) and see how my physique has been changing!

The change I have been finding the most empowering is my strength. I love feeling strong and lifting heavier. Powering through the struggle to get here has provided me with more willpower and a higher sense of achievement also.

Feeling bloody awesome right now and I can’t wait to get going for weeks 5 and 6 and share that journey!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading about my thoughts, four weeks in, and seeing the progress that you could potentially make. I would love to know what your thoughts are so far and if you are currently doing any guides/workout programme!

Till next episode my friends!

-Millie 🙂

Purple tinted photo of me in gymwear. Caption is post title.


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