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My Top 4 YouTubers To Watch NOW!

Hello There!

Throughout March I have decided to upload an extra post on a Friday, which includes some version of 4 ‘things’. Last week you read about my top 4 podcasts that you need to go listen to. To carry this lil‘ pattern on, I have decided to write about my ‘Top 4 YouTubers’!

However, to create some back story…

I LOVE Youtube. I grew up watching hours upon hours of content, and whilst the content I watch has changed over time along with my personality and age, I have never found myself growing too old for it. Once upon a time, I watched primarily gaming content. However, I now find 2019 Millie watching health, fitness and lifestyle YouTubers who just give off a FAB vibe.

So without further ado, here are my 4 youtubers that you need to check out NOW!

1 – Natacha Oceane

Natacha is just a living example of my physical, lifestyle and personality goals. Her approach to health, fitness and nutrition, in my opinion, is so different from other influencers I have watched. She provides links to research papers in her video descriptions, she actually lives how she preaches and she just comes across as such a friendly character.

Photo of Natacha Oceane, a health and fitness YouTuber who I recommend as part of my Top 4 YouTubers to Watch NOW!
Image of Natacha Oceane, image taken from

I would NOT be where I am today, health and fitness wise, if it wasn’t for Natacha’s videos. I have learnt so much from her, and if you also watch her content, you will see a lot of my ‘vibe‘ comes from what she has spoken about in her videos.

Whilst I haven’t purchased any of her workout guides, I did recently purchase one of her ‘UNITE’ cropped jumpers (from her online store), and whilst also looking AMAZING, they are also made of sustainable materials AND 10% also goes to the charity MIND. The quality is of her products, her videos and the information she speaks is so high, and I cannot recommend going and watching her videos enough.

2 – Sarah’s Day

I mentioned Sarah and her channel in last week’s post, where I spoke of her podcast, ‘The Health Code’. I have been watching her videos for over a year now, and her content has what I cannot explain better than just the VIBE I want from life. She takes a very holistic approach to health, and the way she lives her life is very inspirational.

Photo of Sarah's Day, who is a health and fitness YouTuber that I recommend as part of my Top 4 YouTubers to Watch NOW!
Image of Sarah’s Day, taken from

Another thing is that Sarah always comes across as very honest and raw, from her recent pregnancy, portion sizes to her relationship. Whilst she is Australian based, and therefore I haven’t bought any of her products, I love what she is doing, portraying and creating. I am very thankful for her content, as it is always guaranteed to put me in such a happy mood!

3 – GraceFitUK

Grace’s content inspires and motivates me in a WHOLE different way. I don’t think I have ever come across a person who works as hard as Grace does. She is currently studying at Oxford Uni, has set up her own business (that is BOOMING) and is still uploading every week. She does still post fitness related content, however as of late it has been more chatty videos – and they are just as amazing. Grace is really raw, and speaks about topics that those who wish they had a big sister, but don’t, would need.

Photo of Grace Beverley from the YouTube Channel GraceFitUK, that I recommed as part of my Top 4 YouTubers to Watch NOW!
Image of Grace Beverley, taken from

Back in 2018, when I was studying, her videos would provide that push of motivation for me to organise and get things done. To work hard, and to achieve. An important thing to mention, of which has come up from a video she posted earlier in March, is that it is also important to slow down, be proud of what you have achieved and that you do not always have to feel like you need to work harder. As well as this, she is also absolutely HILARIOUS, even just from the basic tweet.

4 – Flora Beverley

Flora is a brand new addition to the list, compared to the others, as I have only just recently started watching her content! (Completely unaware that Flora was actually Grace’s sister, yes I know, WHAT) I saw that she was currently training for the Tokyo marathon, and with my Great North Run coming up in September, I thought it would be an informative video to watch. Little did I know how cheerful and full of life Flora’s videos would be, and I now return back and watch every new video! I can ensure her content will put a smile on your face and will just inspire you to feel so confident with yourself.

Photo of Flora Beverley, a health and fitness YouTuber who I recommend as part of my Top 4 YouTubers to Watch NOW!
Image of Flora Beverley, taken from

I also recently found out that Flora has a blog, and works with influencers and companies on growing their social media. It’s just like watching an everyday person who has set their life up to achieve their goals, and I am looking forward to watching so much more content from her!

You probably have noticed a theme from these 4 YouTubers, of which they are all primarily health and fitness based! Honestly, where I am in my life right now, that is my main interest and I just enjoy watching other people who have managed to take that interest to another level. I feel so inspired and motivated for life by watching their content, and I recommend checking them all out too because I am sure you will feel the same.

Let me know below in the comments, or tweet me, if you also watch any of these YouTubers. (or anyone else you like to watch) I do, however, have an anomaly for this pattern of YouTubers – subscribe to pewdiepie HA.

Till next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂


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