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My Top 10 Films of 2018 + Top 5 Anticipated Films of 2019!


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On to the post…!

Hello There!

I don’t think I have ever been to the cinema as many times as I did in 2018. Date night? Cinema. Bored? Cinema. Cinema? Cinema. Although, there were certain films I made sure I had the best seat in the house for.

Whilst everyone has their own taste in films (I think you will quickly grasp mine), if you are lost on what film to watch – or maybe interested in those releasing in 2019, keep reading…!

my top 10 films of 2018!

number one: Avengers: Infinity War

Whilst this list isn’t in any certain order, Avengers: Infinity War certainly deserves #1. I am a huge fan of Marvel films, and this new addition was nothing less than AMAZING. Jack and I went to our local midnight release, and left with our minds running wild on theories. Spoilers are my biggest pet hate, so I shall avoid my theory explanations for now – but come April 2019 and Avengers: End Game, I can’t make any promises…

Avengers Midnight Release

number two: Red Sparrow

It may have taken a small argument with Jack, but I finally got us both to the cinema to watch Jennifer Lawrence play a ballerina, who gets recruited to a ‘Sparrow School’ and forced to use her body as a weapon against a C.I.A. agent. The fact that Jennifer was in this film was enough to get me to the cinema (I’m not sorry for being a Hunger Games and Joy fan), however the way this film portrays devotion, fear and secrets is what allowed it to creep into this list.

number three: Ralph Break the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2

I have patiently awaited the release of this second film, after watching Wreck It Ralph in cinemas, on DVD and then again on DVD. The fact that Wreck It Ralph 2 was based on Ralph and Vanellope discovering Wi-Fi, as well as the Easter eggs that had me shouting “OH I USE THAT WEBSITE”, meant it fully lived up to my expectations.

number four: Black Panther

Whilst it seems like a life time ago that this highly successful Marvel film was released, I remember it clearly. At the cinema, I found myself not noticing that I had walked into the wrong screen room. It was not until I had climbed the stairs and been shouted at, that I noticed the film was already in full swing. Whilst that was a mistake, this film certainly wasn’t one! From the soundtrack to the much-loved Marvel action, this film isn’t only one of my top 2018 film releases – but also the world’s.

number five: Johnny English 3

This film deserves a space on this list, purely because of Rowan Atkinson. Despite him not playing my preferred role of Mr Bean, this third edition to the Johnny English series had me cracking up. Warning – I am an ‘out-loud’ laugher and not ashamed about it! Sometimes it gets to the point where people in the cinema are laughing at the fact that I found something so funny. My friends, and certainly Jack, hate it but I am way past the point ofย  caring – this film had me in tears!

number six: Ready Player One

It was Jack that convinced me, probably pay back for him watching Red Sparrow, to come along and watch Ready Player One in the cinema. I was pleasantly surprised on how this film was produced and how much I actually enjoyed watching it. The concept behind the online role playing world, as well as the hidden Easter eggs (which we have now all established I love), kept my full attention throughout and deserves props for it’s impressive portrayal.

number seven: Deadpool 2

I found that on the release of the film’s trailer, it failed to get me hyped up for in the same way the first Deadpool film did. Despite this, I still went ahead and took a trip to the cinema, if not purely because of the immature humour and Ryan Reynolds. (Probably the same reason I will watch Pokemon Detective Pikachu in 2019…) Whilst this film allows us to see another side of Wade Wilson and his world, in which I really liked the way the whole film seemed to wrap together, it still thankfully keeps its touch and why I recommend this film as well worth a watch!

number eight: Maze Runner: The Death Cure

I was, and honestly still am, sad to see the Maze Runner trilogy come to an end. Whilst reading the books and watching the other films, I found myself fully engrossed in the characters. (Mainly Newt and Thomas…) By the time the third film rolled around in 2018, I still wasn’t ready to say goodbye. With Thomas setting out to find a cure for the ‘Flare’, I will admit, as I left the cinema I felt my strong teenage emotions calling for more to the story. (I sense Jack noticed this also, as he gifted me one of James Dashner’s side stories)

number nine: Solo: A Star Wars Story

At this point, I think everyone is aware of the backlash the franchise has received over it’s recent film releases. Maybe it’s because I’m not a highly dedicated Star Wars fan, or maybe because I like to just enjoy films for what they are – but I was quite fond of Solo. Whilst it didn’t have us attending the midnight release, like The Last Jedi did, I loved watching familiar faces play the younger version of much-loved characters. It doesn’t beat Rogue One though – that was a good film.

number ten: Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse

Into the Spider-verse was the last film that saw me in the Cinema in 2018. It was another ‘Jack convinced me job’, which may seem surprising since it is a Marvel release – however I hadn’t yet decided how I thought about the choice of animation. Now, after watching how they played it out, I will admit I was really impressed with it, and the story-line just as much. I also left quite pleased with myself, as I had noticed Hailee Steinfeld was the voice of Gwen.

And there we have it! My top 10 film releases of 2018! Whilst I did see others such as: The Dark Hour, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and – OH I THOUGHT OF ANOTHER!

number eleven: A Quiet Place

The fact that barely a word is spoken throughout the entire film kept me on the edge of my seat, and the performance by the actors was exceptional. I shall (ha) stay quiet on this film, and let you experience it yourself!

Now whilst some, probably very few, might be wishing we could turn back into 2018 – there are a few film ‘whoppers’ coming out this year so:

my top 5 anticipated films for 2019!

number one: Avengers: End Game

I have tried with all my strength and skill to avoid watching the trailers and sneak peeks for this film release. Jack and I have already planned the midnight release, and my emotions are already running as wild as they were when I watched the Phineas and Ferb summer special or when watching the last episode of Friends. MUST.SEE.

number two: Toy Story 4

With a new edition to the Toy Story, almost 15 years on from the first film release, we have a new adventure with Woody, Buzz and the toys! I look forward to seeing if ‘Forky’ lives up to the ‘toy expectation’ I have created for myself, but I can guarantee I will be there in June watching anyway.

number three: Captain Marvel

Following a similar line as Avengers, I am trying my best to avoid trailers, however Marvel have got me excited – especially with Brie Larson in the cast. I loved her performance in Room, a film that has a 100% cry guarantee for me, and I’m really excited to get to watch her play the role of Captain Marvel.

number four: Star Wars: Episode IX

With assumptions that the (stupid) plays of The Last Jedi will be limited, with the return of JJ. Abrams to the a directing role, I am thrilled to be getting another part to Rey’s story. Whilst I lacked care for the role of Rose (what was her purpose again?), I am fully immersed in the story of Rey and Kylo. This film will see another midnight release checked off our list, and I am excited about it!

number five: Lego Movie 2/Kingsman 3/Spiderman: Far From Home

I am sorry, not sorry, for the fact that I can’t choose just one film release for number five. The Lego Movie has got me excited for some team work action, “everything is awesome when you’re part of a team”, as well as the fact that duh – it’s Lego!? Kingsman 2 certainly stretched it’s limits last film, and I will definitely be returning to watch Taron Egerton play more of Eggsy. Spiderman: Homecoming bought Tom Holland onto the radar (well maybe mine), and I am delighted that he will be returning so soon to bring us more on this different take of the universe!

And there we go folks! Whether this list helps you pick the next film you watch or takes you down a cinema memory lane, thank you for taking your time to read my first set of film reviews. I plan to take away a task of learning more ways to write ‘enjoy’ and now I can’t (but can at the same time) wait for Avengers: End Game. Dammit.

Till next time my friends!




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