My March In A (Pea)nutshell!

Woah, hold up. You’re telling me that it’s April, ALREADY!?

It’s getting lighter earlier, there is chocolate everywhere and the clocks have just gone back. I guess it really is April then. The beginning of another month means another ‘My Month in a (pea)nutshell’!

March was a funny one, I will admit. My mood fluctuated and honestly, the month seems like a blur. I did get to do some fun things though OH AND EAT SOME GOOD FOOD, so without further ado my friends…

My March in a (pea)nutshell!

March 5th and 6th – Manchester

At the beginning of March, I found myself in Manchester for a work event. I don’t tend to spend very much time there, only really to go to concerts. After spending 2 days there I have decided I’m not really missing much. I’m not the biggest fan of cities (as you probably are all aware) and (surprise surprise) I was not the biggest fan of Manchester!

I did, however, have a really nice time whilst I was there. When I wasn’t at the event, I was busy walking 30,000 steps (why did I walk to the Trafford Centre, WHY!?) and eating Wagamama. Overall the trip was a success and the work event was fun too so a good start to March!

March 7th – London

Before I knew I was even home, BAM, I was back at the train station and heading down to London for an external meeting. As someone who always enjoys these kinds of meetings, I was a happy bunny. I stopped off at the market outside Kings Cross Station and, of course, headed over to Popina and bagged myself one of those AMAZING spring rolls. I did also make a new discovery, over at the ‘Galeta’ stall, where I bought one of their ‘Vegan Chocolate Cupcake’! It was indeed delicious, although, I was not expecting the strawberry surprise in the middle!

March 8th – International Women’s Day

We cannot forget this (not so) lil’ date! I found a quote on the wall of the hotel I stayed at, in Manchester, from Emmeline Pankhurst and used it as my inspiration for the day!

March 11th – Sheffield

God, the start of March was jam-packed! I then found myself on yet ANOTHER TRAIN but this time to Sheffield to attend a networking event for my apprenticeship! I love these sort of events as they concentrated on personal development quite a bit and it sort of threw me into a state of productivity.

March 14th – Manchester

You know I said I don’t tend to go to Manchester, and that I didn’t like it very much? Yeah well, I found myself back there again! It wasn’t an overnight stay, so I didn’t get to see much more than the office this time.

March 16th and 17th – Lake District

If you live in the UK and cast your mind back some weekends ago, you will remember when we had INSANE amounts of rain. Well, Jack and I thought it would be a clever idea to go to the Lake District that weekend. After turning around THREE times because we couldn’t get through the roads (see photo below for reference) we FINALLY made it and had a quiet, phone detox weekend with our friends.

The detox also made me realise just how addicted everyone is to their phones these days, especially social media. Whilst we didn’t have any signal or internet, and I took full advantage of the detox by turning my phone off, my friends converted to playing Candy Crush and re-watching the already loaded videos on Instagram. It really opened my eyes up to how pathetically obsessed we are with our phones.

March 18th – Surprise from my Mum!

So, if you read my last post you would know my thoughts towards my Mum. (If not, here is the link!) March 18th was just a casual working day when suddenly my Mum comes upstairs all excited. She has a present for me. I open it. And it’s a WINSTON CHURCHILL QUOTEBOOK!! If you read my blog a while back, you would have seen I made a joke about how my mum should buy me one – AND SHE DID! She is the best – thanks Mum! 🙂

Now, that brings us to March 27th – the day I am writing this. Tomorrow is March 28th, which is when Jack and I embark on our 2-day adventure to Edinburgh! Whilst I plan to take another social media detox during this trip, I do want to take some photos, as I plan on writing all about our trip in the coming month! So, if you are thinking about travelling to Edinburgh and want ideas on what to get up to then stay tuned!

Otherwise, that brings us to March 30th, where Jack and I are celebrating an early Mother’s Day with my Mum with a classic trip to Wagamama, and the end to March! (Update: We didn’t end up going and the Wagamama had to be postponed for another time!)

If you recall, at the beginning, I said that March was a very fluctuating month for me. You may be thinking from this post, ‘Well this doesn’t sound like a very crappy month for you?’

Nothing was wrong with March, in fact, I had a great month. It came from my struggle with negativity. I can, happily, say that whilst I am writing this that things are looking up. However, I can’t ignore the fact that I didn’t feel mentally alright this month. I will be keeping an eye on how I feel (Mum can you do this too please) and hopefully, in next month’s post I can report back how much better I am feeling!

Fitness Update

Regarding fitness this month, I didn’t make any major changes from February’s routine. I did take a week off mid-March, due to all the travelling I was doing. Originally, I felt quite bad but then I realised, when I returned to the gym, that my body had got stronger! I was, literally, OVER THE MOON and the fact that I can SO VERY NEARLY do a push-up brings a HUGE smile to my face! Slow but steady progression!

Honestly, bring on April. There isn’t very much planned for April, regarding travelling, although I do know that May is going to be an INSANELY busy month. Therefore, April is going to be my little look-after-Millie-month. I have family who I haven’t seen in god knows how long visiting and there are 2 bank holidays in April for Easter – all good times!

I hope your March bought you progression and happiness and that you, if you celebrate it, have a wonderful Easter and just a happy April in general!

Until next time my friends!
-Millie 🙂


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