My January in a (Pea)nutshell!
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My January in a (pea)nutshell!

Please note: I dedicate this post, and the next 11 posts to follow, to peanuts – the best kind of nut. p.s. KP please sponsor me.

Hello There!

The end of January 2019… how have we found ourselves here then!?

What a blur, exciting and new month it has been! I have decided to make this a series of monthly blog posts, summing up how my month went, what I did and what the next month will bring! Without further ado, sit back, relax (we are all about self-care this year!) and take a little trip down my January memory lane…

My January in a (Pea)nutshell!

January 3rd – The notorious vegan Greggs sausage roll

I was not expecting this, nor have I ever bought anything from Greggs but by GOD is this sausage roll tasty. Not only did it act as the lighter to (what it seems like) hundreds of brands setting off their own vegan fireworks – but it also somehow managed to add a new reason to: ‘Why are you vegan?’ (lol piers morgan)


If you haven’t yet tried this sausage roll, vegan or not, I recommend you go have a taste. You are not magically going to become vegan or hate meat if you try this, same as I am not magically a meat-eater when I went into a college’s butchers the other day. (don’t ask, there wasn’t any animals but it wasn’t great and smelt)

January 7th – Mayhew confirmed my Great North Run sponsorship

Into the New Year I had been debating on what fitness challenges I could set myself up to achieve in 2019, and the Great North Run 2019 seemed suitable. I previously was supposed to run the 2016 Manchester Half Marathon, however due to a member of my family getting quite badly ill, I didn’t actually get to run. However it is a brand new story this year, and I am so grateful to be running for the animal home charity Mayhew!

Mayhew Great North Run Sponsorship Pack
My Great North Run 2019 Half Marathon Mayhew sponsorship pack

Please when you find the time, go check out the story behind Mayhew on their website. Also if you do have any money to spare to donate to my run and the animals, you can donate over on my JustGiving page. (Thank you so much if you do donate, or even just share the link!)

January 16th – Trip down to London

As I have mentioned before, I chose an apprenticeship over going to university. As I work a full-time job as part of it, the work I am doing means I need to travel up and down the country sometimes. I personally have chosen not to share the details of my apprenticeship – however if a post on choosing to not go to university, how to find and apply for apprenticeships would be helpful, please let me know!

Photo of Kings Cross St Pancreas Underground
Kings Cross St Pancreas Underground Station

Anyway, one of the main reasons I am mentioning this is because I had an AMAZING vegan spring roll (type thing) from one of the market stalls outside London Kings Cross station! I really wish I had paid attention to the name, however if you are ever around when the stalls are out – go take a quick peek. The stall was originally facing the station and it is £3.50 (best £3.50 ever spent, I promise), but that is all the information I have to share unfortunately.

Sometime in January – Finished the Man in the High Castle Season 3

I LOVE this show. Bless Amazon Prime for creating this, and I really need to find some time to read the books. If you don’t know what it is, (don’t worry I won’t spoil) the show is basically about an alternate world where the Allies lost WWII. America is split between the German and the Japanese, and it is so amazing to get to see how this is portrayed.

The image below is taken, and owned by:
Prime Original - The Man in the High Castle
Amazon Prime’s – The Man in the High Castle.

I HIGHLY recommend taking some time out to watch this, and there are 3 seasons to spread out. This post is not sponsored, although I really REALLY wish it was, because this is one of the best shows I have ever watched. My favourite character is John Smith, and I honestly cannot explain why, except that I love his character and personality and how the show portrays what it is like for an American, who fought in the U.S. Army in WWII, to now be a high-ranking German officer. There is also a TWIST to his story but you must watch this to found out! (ahhhh)

January 18th – Finished reading Lord of the Rings, Two Towers – J.R.R Tolkien

I have written about my story reading Lord of the Rings (and also my resistance to watching the films), however this is a huge landmark for past stubborn Millie. Whilst no, this doesn’t mean I am going to read Harry Potter, (not sorry) reading this series by Tolkien has shown me that I can be interested in things I previously was sure I was not.

Photo of Lord of the Rings books, J.R.R. Tolkien. Two Towers and The Return of the King.
Lord of the Rings books, J.R.R. Tolkien. Two Towers (read) and The Return of the King. (to read)

I am taking them slow, making sure to read a book in between each to ensure I don’t get overwhelmed and end up reading it just for the sake of it. Whilst this may have been true at the beginning, (Jack forced stubborn Millie to borrow the book) I keep reading because I am invested in the story and world. (Two Tower SPOILER: why Smeagol, why? I liked you)

January 19th – Roast Dinner

One of mine (and my mum’s) lovely friends invited us and a group over for a roast dinner! She played an amazing host, and DAMN her roast dinner was good. She even made the mash potato with dairy-free butter so I could join in on the potato goodness. I ate 3 portions, and tried vegan cheesecake for the first time (and the last) and went home very full and looking forward to next time.


Oh and just a normal, casual day where I live – our car got surrounded by sheep.

January 22nd – Blood Moon and Blue Monday

As I mentioned on Twitter, I have never had an issue with ‘Blue Monday’ before. But jeez, did the world have it in for me that day. As you all would have seen from the photos, it was a blood moon on the Monday morning, and stupid me forgot about it even though I WAS AWAKE, but just didn’t go outside in time. To make up for it, the next day I went and admired the (very bright) moon, and took a photo. (completely same thing…)

Day after Blood Moon photo
My ‘make up’ photo of the moon!

Blue Monday continued on with it being a strong -4 degrees outside, my car being frozen and the car boot door proceeding to slam down on my head. Damn you 2003 Cleo. So with a headache, I headed off to the gym, NEARLY MISSED MY BUS and managed to get into work. LATE. This is because there was an unusual amount of traffic trying to get through the town, due to an unfortunate accident off one of the roundabouts. I guess I should consider myself lucky and stop complaining, plus I think you get the point – I have had better days.

January 23rd and 24th – Trip to Leeds

I found myself in Leeds last week, as part of my apprenticeship job. However as we had to stay overnight, I got same damn good photos of the city night sky. I also ate food in a place that was way out of my league and overall had a lovely little work trip!


I am currently writing this on January 25th, and do still have some plans for the last few days of January so here is me predicting the future… My brother’s birthday (26th), country walk with Jack (27th) (Edit: It was an amazing walk, however we locked our car keys in the car and had to smash the window…oops?), Holocaust Memorial Day 2019 (30th) and a trip to London for apprenticeship training! (31st)

Photo of Teeth Swing Bridge
The swing bridge on our (windy) but lovely walk!

Now, onto my plans and goals for February. I have set the bar high for this upcoming month, as I want to try make sure I have some things set in stone for the rest of the year.

My ‘By the End of February’ Goals are:

  • Have raised £200 for Mayhew
  • Written a book review
  • Booked a March city-break for Jack and I
  • Booked a trip to Edinburgh and planned my tattoo
  • Gone to Wagamama with my mum (you already know my views on this place)
  • Have a bamboo toothbrush
  • Taken myself on a date
  • Written an unusual blog post
  • Started planning for an exciting idea (!!)
  • Be able to lift the next (small) dumbbell weight

It may seem like a lot, and even if I just progress on some of them, It just allows me to remain focused throughout the month.

Feel free to leave what you got up to in January, and your goals for February, in the comments or message me over on my social media. (links above in the navigation bar)

The last thing I wanted to mention was on January 30th my blog turns 1 month old! I want to thank you all for taking time out of your days to read my little addition to the internet, and I really hope I can continue to write and improve.

I have some plans to change-up the way I do things, such as I will only be posting once a week now, on a Monday, in order to manage my time. (and stress) However I also want to widen my blog horizon and start writing about things that interest me in a different way to lifestyle and self-care. I want to include technology, gaming (Jack said he might write for his own little section…!!) and history.

So expect some changes, and hopefully higher quality content as I continue to learn and develop what I want from this opportunity.

Until next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂



    You need to try one they are amazing!! Also I get what you mean with paying for both but if you ever get a chance to go back and watch it I HIGHLY recommend!!:) Also I hope you have a smooth transition back into uni and find some time to keep stress low – try some yoga haha!!

  • Ashli

    Oh that’s awesome!! Looks like your January was fun and a great way to start the new year!
    My friend also loves Man in the High Castle and she’s always like IF YOU DONT WATCH THIS!!! hahaah but – I am busy watching other stuff I I have it saved!

  • aimsysantics

    Sounds like you have had a busy January! How is it nearly February already? I haven’t had many plans in January, so hopefully, I will be a bit busier come February!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo

  • Ashley Firth

    What a busy January! I love Greggs food! I need to try those sausage rolls! Good luck in your apprenticeship – it does pay to have experience over education these days! And congrats on finishing the two towers – I’m a huge Tolkien nerd and finished reading all his works last year – they’re awesome xxx

  • ChatterboxChloe

    Seems like you had an eventful January! Mine consisted of studying for my exam, going on a trip back to my Erasmus city, working on my thesis and going in for a small surgery tomorrow. Luckily nothing major, I’ll be back home tomorrow night.

  • simplyanjhanee

    Looks like you had a wonderful January! Can’t wait to hear all about your run. January has come and gone SO quick! I looked at the calendar today and was like, whoa. It’ll be Christmas once again before we even know it. (:

  • Sunshine with Savannah

    This is a great post and a lovely idea to summarize big events! It seems like you’ve had a great January, with momentum to continue into February. And thank you for writing about Man in the High Castle; I was reminded to watch the second season! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Bexa

    Love this post Millie! I also love the amount of tasty food you have featured too! That roast dinner looks delicious! I haven’t tried the vegan sausage roll from Greggs but it’s something on my to-do list 🙂 I hope you have an awesome February, ooh I went to Wagamama at the weekend with my mum and sister and had the most tastiest yasai yaki soba, they have so many great options on their veggie and vegan menu. PS. The photo of all those sheep made me laugh. Have a fantastic week lovely and happy 1 month birthday to your blog! <3 xx

    Bexa |


      Aw thank you so much for the lovely comment! You need to put the sausage roll at the top of your list because it’s that damn good haha Also I always get the Yasai yaki soba but with udon noodles and tofu and it is the best ever! Thank you so much for supporting me and hope you have a great week too:)

  • thebakingbackpacker

    Great idea to be able to
    Look back over the year! Heard a lot about these vegan sausage rolls – shame I have no Greggs around to give it a go!

  • thediaryofrebecca

    Hi Millie, I love this. It sounds like you’ve had a busy month! I love how you’ve set goals for February – it;s so true that even if they are little they are worth it! I am looking forward to seeing your content and blog develop! xx

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