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My Fight Against the Comfort Zone: The Animal Crossing Tattoo

‘My Fight Against the Comfort Zone’ is a brand-new series where I embark on new and different experiences. These will allow me to continue to push myself out of my day-to-day life. Seeking fear, adrenaline and generally just a good time, you can read all about my what, why and AHH here!

The What?

Getting a tattoo is not something I thought about whilst growing up, unlike some who would spend hours scouring the internet looking for the most aesthetically pleasing design. I wasn’t really interested and basically – I wasn’t bothered.

You may be thinking, ‘then how on earth did you end up here?’.

I’m asking the same question.

It would be good to mention that I didn’t do this out of a stupid impulse decision. I spent a few months thinking about what I wanted. Even the thought of getting a tattoo already had me outside my comfort zone.

A butterfly behind my ear was my first idea. The meaning behind it being that every time I felt down, I could think about my butterfly and letting the negative thoughts go. However, apparently getting your first tattoo done behind you ear probably isn’t the best place – so I went back to the drawing board. (I can report that I am very happy that I didn’t get that done as mine hurt enough!)

The Why?

Previously, I have mentioned, in my posts, that I have been blessed with the ability to be very indecisive. Therefore, you can guess, that the thought of getting something so permanent was indeed a very scary thing.

There is no undo button.

I couldn’t magically just get my mum to remove it.

This was a huge deal.

I, finally, made the decision that I would get it done on the inside of my left ankle. With that out of the way, all I had left was what I actually wanted to get done.

My Ankle Before the Tattoo

It took some time, however, once I had the idea of getting it based on Animal Crossing – my heart was set. I ADORE Animal Crossing. (which if you knew me, you would know.) However, I also chose a design where if I want it to suddenly not be based on a nintendo game, I could.

Basically, I just took my love for Animal Crossing to a WHOLE new level.

Animal Crossing Games, Nintendo 3DS and Switch

The AHH!

At the end of March, Jack and I took a 48-hour trip to Edinburgh. (Of which I will write about in another post.) I knew it was the best time for me to push myself out of my lil’ comfort zone.

Jack and I in Tribal Body Art

I got the tattoo done at a place called ‘Tribal Body Art‘ and it took about 20 minutes. Proudly, I can report back that I DIDN’T CRY. Although, when the lady said that it would feel very hot and scratchy – she wasn’t lying.

Jack came into the room with me and held my arm. The whole experience, at the time, felt a bit surreal to me. I just kept thinking, ‘Oh my god, oh my god.’ Never in a billion years did I think I would be getting a tattoo – but hell yes, I was!

Bloody Just Completed Tattoo

20 minutes, £40 and a guy with a needle gun thing and BOOM – I HAD DONE IT! I just kept turning to Jack and going, ‘I HAVE A TATTOO!‘. It was all a very exciting few hours and whilst I have zero plans on getting another, I am very glad that I got to experience it.

I absolutely love my lil‘ tattoo and I thought it would be the perfect topic for episode one of my brand-new series!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about how the world’s most indecisive person went ahead and pushed herself out of her comfort zone, to get an incredibly permanent marking.

If you have any feedback on how I could make the next episode of this series better then please leave it in a comment below. I would also love to hear about any tattoos that you have and your thoughts!

Until next episode my friends!

-Millie 🙂

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