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My Dream Adventure Itinerary! – Paris to Berlin – #TucanTravel

Please note: This post is an entry into the Trips100 Tucan Travel Blogger Challenge. This post is not sponsored, however an entry into a competition. If you are interested in entering, or perhaps booking a trip, make sure to check out the Tucan Travel website!

Hello There!

Following the theme of one of January’s previous blog posts, my 2019 Bucket List, today I envisioning and planning my ideal adventure itinerary on Tucan Travel’s ‘Paris to Berlin’ Tour!

Choosing this destination, especially when they had America and Africa excursions available was, indeed hard. However I thought this choice was suitable, as I am currently about to start planning my own trip to Germany – that I only wish could extend to Paris! Having also travelled to Amsterdam before, and being very disappointed to have missed out on the opportunity to visit Anne Frank’s Huis, I have my imagination set on returning!

Below you can find my top five choices of excursions that I would want to put on my Paris to Berlin adventure itinerary!

(You don’t understand how hard this was, I just want to go EVERYWHERE!)

Day One: Arriving in Paris – Climb the Eiffel Tower

Of course this was going to be my first stop on the trip. I have once visited France before, although this was on a year 7 school-trip and we definitely did not get to climb the Eiffel Tower.

I’ve seen the stereotypical ‘Tumblr’ images and I’ve seen the travel vlogs on YouTube – it’s not enough, I WANT TO CLIMB IT! If you think running a half marathon later this year would get me working on my stamina, try telling me I’m going to get to see Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower – then you will get me practicing to ensure I was the first to the top!

Although I would assume in a real life situation there would be tourists everywhere, however this is my DREAM, so cut me some slack. I could have said I wanted to bungee jump from it – so I’m trying to find a nice middle ground here.

Day One: Arriving in Paris – Les Catacombes

So naturally after bungee jumping from the Eiffel Tower, I have now chosen the next item on the itinerary is to visit Les Catacombes! I originally didn’t know what this was, and sorry if you also wanted to remain unknown to it – but if you are joining me on my adventure, you are going to need a strong heart!

Les Catacombes is the 1785 solution to over-flowing cemeteries. Lots of remains of the dead? Too hygienic to keep above ground? Lots of unused quarry space? I know – let’s make an underground tunnel of skulls and bones!

Your knowledge of what Les Catacombes is, may also have come hand-in-hand with judgement for putting this on my list. But I’m not even sorry. This is weird, something different, almost a once in a lifetime sort of thing. Why wouldn’t I want to visit this!?

I should definitely start doing this for a living, I mean it’s only day one and I’ve left my group behind running up the Eiffel Tower but also scared the life out of them showing them the remains of the dead. Good one Millie.

Day Two – Bruges – Museum Sint-Janshospitaal

My choice of activity for day two doesn’t change lanes either. A trip to 12th century cathedral museum full of torture medical tools anyone?

Now whilst this isn’t as extreme as my idea of jumping off a top tourist attraction, this museum sounds quite interesting too. Whilst paintings aren’t usually more than just paintings to me, I have an interest in anatomy and the human body, so it’s not surprising that I have made a stop here.

Whilst I am in charge of this itinerary, I may allow the others in the group to visit the chocolate shops whilst I am in here. I mean I won’t be wanting any of the chocolate myself, and this is the next best thing…right?

Day Three and Four – Amsterdam & Canal Cruise

As I exit the transport into this fantastic city, the ‘smell’ instantly takes me back to July 2018. Whilst I was in Amsterdam last year, and did get Jack and I around to some amazing places, something we did not do was a canal cruise.

I swear Jack and I failed to do every ‘stereotypical’ Amsterdam tourist thing, maybe except for the Red Light District. But we didn’t ride bikes, go on a canal or visit the Anne Frank Huis! So you can be sure in the next 2 days I am doing them ALL.

This time smart Millie booked tickets to the Anne Frank Huis months before, so she can stroll right on in. I love history, especially when it comes to the history of the World Wars, and imaginary Millie is very excited for this part of the adventure. I can only assume what the feeling is like, when you enter into where the Frank family survived for so long. I read Anne’s diary a couple of years ago, so I am unfortunately aware it wasn’t long enough, however I think I might revisit the book again – I recommend it for you also.

As we have two days in Amsterdam, you will definitely find me (with the group grudging along behind) making my way over to the complementary canal cruise. It’s my – I mean OUR, chance to ‘experience the beauty of the city first hand’. If the weather is anything like it was back in July, the boat trip will be heavenly, smooth and a wonderful experience to finish our time in Amsterdam off.

Day Five – Berlin – Berlin Wall Memorial

As I mentioned before, I’m about to start planning my own trip to Germany, so choosing just only one item to put on the itinerary was HARD.

I am fascinated by the history of Berlin in general, but especially the Berlin Wall. From learning about Truman’s Airlifts in History class, to the suffering that occurred because of it – this is definitely on my list.

Whilst I was unaware of the whole chewing gum ‘thing’, my adventure itinerary will find us visiting some of the remaining segments and learning about other war memorials on the texts scattered around.

As I assume this won’t take all day, and the group would be a bit peckish, I shall book us in to visit Berlin on a Thursday so we can experience ‘Street Food Thursday’ and enjoy what the market has to offer.

Unfortunately, that finds us at the end of our adventure, and the end of my dream itinerary. One day I shall have to actually do this, maybe minus the bungee jumping…

Thank you for taking the time to imagine this journey with me, and if you would have done anything different please feel free to leave a comment or message me on social media – I would love to hear your ideas!

Also don’t forget to check out the Trips100 and Tucan Travel website out, to either enter this competition yourself or to check out the information and destinations they have to offer.

Till next time my adventuring friends!

-Millie 🙂


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