My 2018!

Hello to yourself, but also the last day of 2018!

In my first post I spoke about how I am one of those people who enjoy New Years and take it as a chance to review the past 12 months, and what I want to include, get better at or in some cases remove in the upcoming 12 months. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to write a post about what I got up to in 2018, and reflect upon my experiences.

Below you will find some highlights, however also a few reflections on some lower parts of my year.

> IMAGINE DRAGONS – MARCHSnapchat-1650982971.jpg

Having previously been to seen Imagine Dragons in 2015, you know I jumped at the opportunity to see them again. We saw them at the Manchester Arena, and as expected they were amazing. Another important extra aspect of this trip was that I successfully managed to drive into the city for the 2nd time. The 1st time was back in December 2017 (less than a month after passing my test) and it went…awfully? So I was quite proud of this drive!


Not even ashamed of how big of a fan I am of Marvel films, nor how much I loved this film. Whilst it wasn’t my first midnight release, after watching The Last Jedi back in December 2017, I was just as excited. Can confirm spring 2019 will see me doing it all over again for End Game (If I get over my denial that it is called that), however hopefully in IMAX!


If you noticed the jump from April to June, and potentially the absence of the beginning of the year (love mocks), that’s because my life consisted of revision! Finishing that last exam, well feels how you would expect… really weird. I suddenly did not have something that needs to fill up any free moment for the first time really ever. I hadn’t yet made a choice of Autumn 2018 would consist of, but I was fully ready to not do Math ever again..

[Probably almost directly linking to revision, however also with addition of just life (ha), I fully felt the impact that stress can have on a person for the first time in 2018. I’ve not really ever had any real issues with this, however I learnt from these apparent ‘stress attacks’ that taking action to decrease stress is very VERY important!]


Late June I turned 18, and I was surprised with a trip to Amsterdam! I have always wanted to go (no not to smoke weed), but the place had always intrigued me. We went to 20180723_093449such interesting places, unfortunately not Anne Frank’s House as that was fully booked. 🙁 I was fairly sure, before travelling, that Amsterdam is one of the places, outside of the UK, that I would actually move to. However after visiting, I no longer would. Nearly died about 10 times due to aggressive bikes (the majority of them definitely my fault), but it just didn’t seem to suit me!




Early September saw my brother and I take a weekend trip to Edinburgh. Neither of us had been before, and it is a beautiful 20180924_193403.jpgplace! I definitely plan on returning in 2019, we visited Edinburgh Zoo and also trekked up Arthur’s Peak.

Late-September was our family holiday, in which we travelled to the Algarve in Portugal. Due to it being off-season, fairly sure our accommodation was upgraded and with the insanely beautiful weather – honestly no complaints here. 2 weeks of beauty and bliss!




October saw me start my full-time job apprenticeship, a path past Millie would have never thought to take! University was always what I expected to do as that was the thing you did, right? I applied (for now what I decide as the wrong course), and didn’t get into my first choice Uni. I decided that there was no point compromising and spending all that money for something and somewhere I didn’t really want, so back in the early months of 2018 I found myself applying for an apprenticeship and now as I type this post I am settled in and about to start my learning!

I feel as if I should also note that my poor fish passed away in October, he led a long (over 10 years!?) and happy life. RIP Stingray.


The start of December began with us travelling to Leeds to watch Star Wars: A New Hope in concert! It was a (very) cool experience, and I don’t think I will ever get to watch Star Wars on as big (or as loud) of a screen as that. The music was amazing to listen to live.

December, as mentioned in my first post, was also met with the passing of our family dog – Missy. She was such a huge part of our life, as any family dog is, and her passing was a shock and devastating. However, she brought us so much happiness and I hope she rests in peace in 2018.

And that’s a wrap!! I am so thankful for the opportunities I was offered in 2018, and also proud of myself for what I achieved. I’m looking forward to achieving and experiencing even more in 2019.

Till next time my friends!



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