MSBLife’s 2020 Vision: Brainstorming my 2020 Brand

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, brainstorming and planning recently. What do I enjoy doing? What do I want MSBLife to be? WHO AM I!? Whilst these important thoughts about MSBLife’s 2020 vision have been facilitated by joining the new ‘Influencer Membership‘, they have also been going round my head for a while now.

With an incredibly saturated market, the importance of your brand, values and personality are more important than ever. In my head, I *think* I know what I want. But, I need to get more organised than that. Doing all this leads me to procrastinating writing blog posts – which is the whole point of what I am trying to organise! SO, I have decided what better way to try organise my thoughts than in a post itself.

It probably isn’t going to turn out very SEO-friendly and god knows what photos I am going to include. BUT, I think this is an important exercise for both me and you. As, fingers crossed, after reading this I hope you will have a better understanding of where MSBLife will go in 2020!

Without further ado, I give you…

MSBLife’s 2020 Vision: The Brainstorm!

The MSBLife Branding

MSBLife started off as a place for me to waffle on about very miscellaneous things. I didn’t want a niche, in fact, my niche became my lack of one! This was perfect for me at the time, I could post about what I wanted, when I wanted. But, to be honest, when you switch from free WordPress (WP) to self-hosted, the random other WP users that find your blog disappears. The numbers dramatically drop as you have now left the nest and are forced to fend for yourself.

This all made me realise that MSBLife wasn’t actually doing that great on views. It wasn’t until I started taking what I loved and forming a ‘personality’ (or ‘brand’) with it that I started seeing results. For example, my Cut Reload Series Review includes some of my most viewed posts. Closely followed by my Shreddy review. Why? They were both near the top the Google page results. And that is where my thoughts about what MSBLife’s 2020 vision could become, began.

The Content

What do my most viewed posts have in common? They are both fitness guide reviews. People, similar to me, are searching up and wanting to know whether they should purchase these fitness guides. The market also isn’t too saturated, meaning my posts are ranking higher up in Google. I LOVE going to the gym, trying new things and working through fitness guides. This seems like a win-win for me so this is what my first content pillar is going to be. BAM!

What do I naturally love doing? Being energetic and motivating others. I find motivation fascinating and really think it is something I can work with and take with me into the future. Whether it be researching it, like my ‘Science Behind Motivation‘ posts, or sharing tips to help others, like my ‘How to Stay Motivated in February‘ post. Therefore, motivating others to SMASH their goals and fight against their comfort zone is what my second content pillar is going to be!

Now, what am I always banging on about? Animal Crossing. The concept of making Animal Crossing related content is very new and scary to me. BUT, my thinking is that there has never been a better time for it than now. It is also an important part of my personality, I’m either typing in caps, talking about Animal Crossing or typing in caps ABOUT Animal Crossing. It’s a no-brainer that I should be taking something I adore (I legit have an Animal Crossing tattoo) and making content about it! Soooo, my third content pillar is going to be just that. (AHHH)

Animal Crossing Games, Nintendo 3DS and Switch

So, what about all this other stuff? My MSBLife’s 2020 Vision is that I do really want to make more of an effort to be more specific with my content. From that, I hope that I will attract a specific audience who will want to return for similar content! There will, however, be exceptions. For example, I have some other fitness related ideas in my head!

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Social Media Platforms

There is no denying that Twitter is my go-to social media platform. I LOVE everything about it. The fact that I can casually tweet that I need a wee at 2:34pm on a Wednesday is my kind of platform. But, I have also been putting SO much more effort into Instagram. Linking in with my content pillars, I did an Instagram Live on Thursday reacting to the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct! (Go check out my efforts – @msb.life!) I also now have my YouTube channel which I am LOVVINGGG! Whilst that content is going to slightly differ from what you will see here on my blog, it won’t be far behind. I feel like that is where the core of my Animal Crossing content is going to be but I also can’t wait to vlog my different experiences! (Please go subscribe!)

What does MSBLife’s 2020 Vision mean for MSBLife?


The content found on this MSBLife blog will concentrate on:

1) Fitness Guide and Product Reviews

2) Motivation

3) Animal Crossing

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Do you have any feedback on MSBLife? Do you want to see anything specifically around my 3 content pillars? Please do leave a comment below or send me a message as I would LOVE to create the content YOU want to read!

I haven’t done a post like this before but I am glad I did. Just writing out my thoughts has allowed me to get such a clearer vision. I am so excited that I could share MSBLife’s 2020 vision with you all!

Until next time my friends!
-Millie 🙂


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