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The almost awkward period between Christmas and New Years is a time when people spend their hours over-thinking 2018 and what ‘must’ be different in 2019. In the case of the internet, more recent in 2018 than previous, is the emphasis that people needn’t worry as 2019 will consist of the similar horrors of 2018. Whilst I am not a keen follower of the ‘trendy’ depression that is the internet generation, I do enjoy going back over 2018 and seeing where I can improve in 2019 to better myself and others around me.

Now after that wordy introduction, if you hadn’t guessed already, I have decided to start a blog for 2019. Honestly, I’m not sure what my blogging ‘niche’ will be but I’ve told myself I’m going to write a lot crap about what is going on in my life, and my 2019… ‘journey’?

Currently nobody is reading this, and I have to admit it is weird to write knowing nobody will read this for a while – however it also brings some comfort. When I was younger I was a keen blogger and website creator, however I don’t think I could get away with writing tips and tricks for Club Penguin anymore.. (also rip). However when the time comes along that someone does read this post, below is some of the topics I assume I shall be writing about, as they are the items that I have decided to concentrate on in the upcoming year.

2018 to 2019 final

△ In the past week I signed up to run the Great North Run in support of an animal charity. I have yet to receive confirmation, as offices are empty for the holiday period, but when I do I plan to write and comment on my training and fundraising experience!

△ In the last months of 2018, I have learnt more about the risks to the environment and tried to be more wary of the impacts my actions may have. (Yes I also watched the video of the turtle and the straw, which is so horrific that I would be surprised if someone doesn’t end up like I have after watching it) I have made some small changes to my life, to the choice of products and materials, to making sure to wash out the recycling. (Sorry but I had no idea that if you don’t fully wash out your cans and plastics that it won’t be recycled, makes sense now but still)

△ As a child I was a big fan of reading a book, which of course like many growing teenagers, takes the back seat in their life whether it be due to revision or ‘ew reading’. However in the latter of 2018, I have taken to books once again! My ‘go-to’ genre is crime and police fiction, however I had also been convinced to read the first Lord of the Rings book. (Which if any of you knew me personally was a big nope up until now) However I now find myself going into 2019, midway through Two Towers and surprisingly enjoying the read. Basically what this paragraph is saying is that I plan to prioritise reading more in 2019 and will probably write some views on them.

△ Whilst it may sound like the stereotypical ‘oh january 2nd i’m gonna hit the gym and get toned’, I’ve actually been a gym-goer for two years (slightly on and off) but health and fitness is a high priority in my life. Therefore, one can assume I shall be banging on about it through the year. (Yes take this as a warning)

I’m betting on 2019 being pretty cool, so fingers are crossed! I shall also be sadly entering 2019, for the first time in many years, without the company of a dog by my side.

May Missy rest in 2018 in peace.

Until next post my friends,


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