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FM-84 ‘s First Ever European Concert!

Hello There!

Whilst Jack and I might not have gotten up to much on February 14th, the weekend of February 16th and 17th saw us travel down to London to see FM-84 Live – for the first time in Europe!

The weekend was an overall success, and we both had such an amazing time and experience! I wanted to share our travels, a review of the venue and our experience at FM-84’s first ever Europe concert!

FM-84 Concert

I know this may shock you all…but Jack hadn’t been to London before this trip. Yes. I know. So this was an exciting little moment for him! We got the train down to London and embarked on our journey to check-in at our Travel Lodge. We arrived quite late into London, about 15:30pm, so we didn’t have much time to explore further than where we were actually going.

After we had checked-in and abandoned our bags, we slowly made our way over to Highbury and Islington, popping into shops for food and also spending about 15 minutes in a Wetherspoons. (lol)

We arrived very early, which isn’t a surprise as my belief is that I would rather be early than late so sometimes that gets taken to the extreme! After getting, what I would say, a fairly cool snap of the concert venue – ‘The Garage‘, we started lining up – and we ended up first in line! Jack was the big fan here, so the fact that we were first in line for their first Europe concert ever was pretty surreal to him. (and me – I won’t lie)

Here is my ‘short and sweet’ run down review of ‘The Garage’!

  • Location: Literally across the road from Highbury and Islington’s Underground Station, so no getting lost this time!
  • Size: I heard that it could hold approx. 600 people, so it’s small enough that it’s nice and cosy but not like when I went to see Imagine Dragons and I was being thrown around by several people in a huge arena.
  • Facilities: They had a cloakroom which was £2, Bar, Toilets (this was the first question we asked as Jack had been DYING to go for about an hour) and all the typical things of a concert venue!
  • Rating: I thought this venue was quite trendy, and definitely fitted the vibe FM-84 had going!

As the line started to get longer, we were let into the venue and headed over to bag ourselves some merch. But to our utter disappointment, they weren’t accepting debit cards – only credit and cash! 🙁 This sucked big time, but they had their reasons (currency conversions) and we quickly got over it as we secured ourselves a spot at the front and started taking some ‘vibey’ photos!

Now, onto what we all came for – the music!

I must admit, going into the concert I knew I wasn’t going to be the biggest fan there. I never listened to them solo, only ever in the car with Jack. But Jack, on the other hand, BOY, was he excited. I love a concert atmosphere so I assumed that I was going to enjoy myself anyway – but I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I actually did!

Timecop1983 was the supporting act, along with Josh Dally, and they were perfect to set the mood and scene! I hadn’t ever been to a concert with this type of music before, it wasn’t sing-along music, it wasn’t particularly jumping music – it was music that you appreciated without the whole mosh pit scene going on. I quite liked being able to enjoy the music without getting sweaty and shoved! Timecop1983 was an impressive supporting act and left me feeling in the ‘zone’ and fully prepared for FM-84…

In case you don’t know who FM-84 is, which you may not as they are very genre specific but do it VERY WELL, it is made up of 2 guys – Colin Bennett and Ollie Wride. I would describe the genre as Synthwave, however, I’m fairly sure there is a better term out there. So not your typical charts song, nor your stereotypical boy-band song – but still awesome.

Jack had told me that both Colin and Ollie really get into the music, but BOY I was not prepared for what can only be described as a FANTASTIC performance by Ollie Wride on-stage. Colin did just as an amazing job, but there is only so much a man can do whilst standing behind playing the music. Whereas Ollie, the singer, had the room to move around the stage – and at one point even the audience! I have to say that it was one of the best experiences at a concert I had ever had, purely because of how into the music they got. If you ever get a chance to see them live, which you may as they embark on their European Tour soon (!!), I highly recommend their show!

Ollie Wride in a pose whilst performing with FM-84.

Just by the photos in this post, you can see how much the duo LOVES what they do. Even better is that this isn’t even their full-time job, just a hobby that exploded! Because of this, and from the show, it was clear that this was not about money etc. I also thought it was cool that they used all their own equipment, from their homes, and also moved and changed the stage themselves. It wasn’t like a typical concert where you felt so separated from the performer, in fact at the beginning when we walked in Colin was there showing people around the venue!

I know I keep repeating myself, but for someone who went in not really knowing how it would be, it was honestly amazing! It made the fact that we got heavily delayed (and at one point cancelled along with every other train in Kings Cross) on the way home, perfectly okay – because we knew it was worth it!

Thank you so much for reading about my experience, and be sure to leave a comment below or tweet me any amazing concert experiences that you have had! Also, if you are interested to learn more about FM-84, be sure to check them out on Twitter and Instagram! If you want to go find the ‘Where’s Millie and Jack’ game, head on over to Ollie Wride’s Instagram!

Till next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂


  • Shannen

    The Garage looks like an amazing venue! I prefer smaller concerts (and ballet performances as well actually haha) because they’re much more personal and, as you said, you don’t feel closed off from the performing act. Looks like you had such a fab time! I’ve never heard of FM-84 but the way they get into the songs looks so inspiring. It’s great to see people absolutely loving what they do. Also, your pictures are amazing!

    Shannen |

    • msblife28

      Aw thank you! I such a great time and the experience had a great vibe with it too! I’ve never actually been to a proper ballet performance before, I’ve never really thought of it so I may have to go see if it’s something I enjoy! Thank you for commenting and have a great week 🙂

  • Bexa

    Wow, this sounds like such a cool experience! I’ve not been to a gig in actual years and now I really want to go! I’ve not heard of FM-84 but I’m now listening to them on Spotify and I like it! These are such awesome photos, you were in such a great spot right at the front. Thanks for sharing Millie, glad you had a brilliant time! (And thanks for introducing me to some new music) <3 xx

    Bexa |

    • msblife28

      Aw thank you Bexa!! I love going to concerts and you need to go to one soon! They are doing another concert in May in Brixton if you are interested in seeing them!! Have such a lovely week 🙂

  • Chloe

    Ah I’m so glad you both had an incredible time! It’s always nice that even when you’re not a huge fan or expecting too much, that when you actually experience it, it’s such a good time! It’s also cool that you were first in line, especially for Jack! Great photos as well; they’ll be an amazing way to look back on your time at the concert! xx

  • Lisa McLachlan

    I’ve not been to a concert for YEARS although one of my stand out memories was seeing INXS at Wembley before Michael Hutchence passed away. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful experience though, your photos are amazing BTW, and I hope you and Jack get to go to another concert together again soon! 🙂

    Lisa |

  • Kaye Chen

    Wow, seems like you’ve had an amazing time! I’ve never been to a small concert like this before. I usually go to those giant stadium ones, so this one seems really cozy and nice! Lovely photos and thank you for sharing!

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