Police/Crime Drama Review of Monster in the Closet by Karen Rose
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I LOVED This Book! Mini Book Review of Monster in the Closet by Karen Rose!

Hello There!

Welcome to a lil’ extra nugget of a post this week, where I shall be sharing my thoughts on the book ‘Monster in the Closet’ by Karen Rose! I thought this book choice would be a fantastic way to set up a brand new sub-series on my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading an overview (that does include spoilers – heads up!!) and my views in a ‘mini’ form – as I know we are all busy bees!

To establish an idea of what this book is, if you didn’t see it mentioned in a my ‘What am I reading next…?’ post, Monster in the Closet is included in the genre of police/crime drama, and whilst it is one of a series, the book has a story of its own.

Police/Crime Drama Review of Monster in the Closet by Karen Rose

By this, I mean Rose uses all the same characters from that specific ‘world‘ (give or take a few new chracter editions) but the stories range from different character’s perspectives and worlds. For example, in the Summer whilst in Portugal, I read another one of the books in this series called ‘Did you miss me?’. This meant I already had an understanding of each of the character’s backgrounds, and for those that I had forgotten, Rose ensured a simple flow of understanding.

The concept behind the book is that a woman has been beaten to death by her husband, who years ago ran away, and during this one of the daughters (who you find out doesn’t actually belong to the husband) walks in and run and hides behind a sofa – witnessing the whole event. Therefore, the threat to the police is that the husband (called Gage) will find out that the little one knows something and will attack her too.

Unsurprisingly, the girls have some issues after losing their mother at such a young age and they start attending therapy that uses horses. This is where they meet Taylor, the new intern – that actually is here to try to find out what her father, who turns out to be Clay Maynard, is like, as her mother hid her and manipulated her to believe he was an evil man and would harm her.

This might sound very complicated, however, Rose ensures the story is so easy to follow – yet so intriguing and keeps you wanting to read more! Something that did confuse me at times was that the characters ‘family‘/’friend’ tree got confusing and I had to backtrack for a second and go ‘wait who are you related to again?’, but each character has such an important role that I didn’t mind as much.

Taylor, the intern with another aim, finds herself interested in the stable owner’s son – Ford. From reading previous stories, however, also made clear in this one, Ford was previously kidnapped after being betrayed by his past girlfriend, Kimberly. This left him feeling very vulnerable and hasn’t felt this way about a girl since. Throughout, Ford and Taylor’s relationship gets very ‘heated‘ yet nothing ever comes from it, for several reasons, however, adds depth to the developing story.

There is an attack on Taylor, Ford and Clay whilst entering an Ice Cream shop to meet one of the girls, and whilst it may sound ‘cringe‘ the moment where Taylor grabs the gun and starts shooting back is very powerful and made me feel inspired. It depends on what you like, however, I enjoy reading moments like that as they make me smile and my heart race!

Rose lets Gage, the ‘bad guy‘, feel ‘not bad guy‘ emotions throughout, which adds to the fact that his character is delusional and believes what he is doing is normal and fine – all because he was cheated on and kicked out his job.

Something that did disappoint me about Taylor and Ford’s relationship, was that throughout the book Ford was highly protective over Taylor and at one point he became very too over-protective and fierce, in which I would have liked to see Taylor confront him further – as it was borderline out of order.

And there we have my mini nugget review on Karen Rose’s ‘Monster in the Closet‘! I absolutely ADORED reading this book, and I actually spent 6 HOURS one Saturday morning reading it. The books that you actually have to make yourself stop reading, in order to read the end later, are the ones you know are great!

Let me know if you have read any of Rose’s books, or if you have any crime/police drama suggestions for me, down below in the comments or over on my social media! 🙂

I’m looking forward to writing more of this lil’ reviews!

Till next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂


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