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Achieve what YOU want in 2019 – My 2019 Bucket List! (Travel, Fitness + More!)

Hello There!

As we find ourselves already midway through January (I’m sorry, what?) I thought I would spend some time brainstorming the things I want to do in 2019. Whilst I have my New Years Resolutions, a bucket list for me is different. It provides an opportunity to let your dreams run further, and sometimes more detailed, than ‘get better at’ or ‘lose this’.

2017 was a year filled with fun, meeting new people and opportunities. When I look back on 2018 (which you can do on my ‘My 2018‘ post) I got to travel to some amazing locations but it lacked that ‘jazz‘ that in 2019, I am now craving.

So I plan to do something about it.

Below you can find a selection of ideas, tasks and ‘you only live once’ experiences that I want to try build on (and hopefully achieve) in 2019. I hope this can provide inspiration for you to go build up your own bucket list.

My 2019 Bucket List:


☐ Germany

TIP! : Whilst your bucket list is a place for your mind to run wild, make sure to include some realistic items in your list. For example, I would love to visit New Zealand this year however realistically, and financially, that is not going to happen. Germany however, this is already in the making for Jack and I to visit in the Spring.

☐ Take a trip back to Edinburgh

☐ Travel outside mainland Europe

Visit Edinburgh Bucket List Graphic


☐ Run a 1/2 marathon and raise over £300+ for Mayhew

(Few pounds to spare? Please check out my JustGiving page to find more about my run and to support the animals over at Mayhew)

☐ Be able to lift the next weight in dumbbells

☐ Improve my swimming technique and stamina

☐ Learn the basic moves of self-defence

TIP! : It could be fun, and more motivational, to incorporate the people around you into your bucket list! Have a few similar items as your friends and family to achieve together!


☐ Be consistent with blogging and interact more with the community

☐ Work towards 100 followers on Twitter and Instagram

☐ Be able to have a basic conversation in German

TIP! : Take advantage of the resources around you! Back in 2016, I was using an app to learn German and it really helped me remain consistent. Unfortunately I had to stop to concentrate on my education, however now I’m keen to get back into it.

☐ Review, even if it is just for my own use, 1 book per month

☐ Learn to read music

Learn to Read Music Graphic for Bucket Lists

TIP! : Every item on your bucket list doesn’t have to be an extreme version of something you want to achieve. I know that I won’t have the time, or motivation right now, to learn an instrument. However, I do feel like I could spend time throughout the year learning to read music.


☐ Be able to do the splits

☐ Skydive (Ahhh!)

☐ Complete an Escape Room

☐ Go Camping and Stargazing

☐ Get a small tattoo

☐ Ride a horse again

TIP! : Think back over the years about what you used to enjoy doing. Make 2019 the year you put yourself first and bring them back – your bucket list is a perfect way to do this!

☐ Go Ice Skating

☐ Hike the Yorkshire Three Peaks

☐ Be more charitable and mindful of others less fortunate

Go Skydiving Graphics for Bucket List

I hope this list can inspire you to go ahead and make your own 2019 bucket list. This is something I haven’t done in years, and it has left me feeling so pumped and motivated for this year and life as a whole. I hope – no will, achieve these items and I will make sure to blog about and keep my list updated!

I’m interested to know what you plan to achieve in 2019, so please feel free to leave a comment below or message me on social media, about your bucket list and what has you excited for 2019!

Till next time my friends!



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