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A Year of MSBLife – The Highlights (2018-2019)

On December 30th 2018, I took the plunge and created my blog, MSBLife. I can’t quite believe how much it has grown and adapted over that year. ‘A Year of MSBLife’ provided me with the creative outlet I was seeking and led me to Twitter, which gave me the friends I needed. I am so incredibly grateful for everyone who has ever popped over here to have a read. (And especially for those who stuck around!)

With the beginning of this second year, and some transitional points in my life, I think it is important to remember what has happened. So, without further ado, here are some highlights of, ‘A Year of MSBLife’!

A Year of MSBLife


Now after that wordy introduction, if you hadn’t guessed already, I have decided to start a blog for 2019. Honestly, I’m not sure what my blogging ‘niche’ will be but I’ve told myself I’m going to write a lot of crap about what is going on in my life, and my 2019…’journey’?

‘hello!’ – MSBLife – 30th December 2018

Starting off with the URL, ‘msblife.home.blog’, I wrote my first post, ‘hello!‘. This creative and mind-blowing title, as expected, blew everyone away. I hadn’t a clue what SEO was or any idea how to find people to read it. Straight from the get go I was setting out my goals and writing away as if no one was listening. (quite literally)

Currently nobody is reading this, and I have to admit it is weird to write knowing nobody will read this for a while – however it also brings some comfort.

‘hello’ – MSBLife – 30th December 2018

Going Self-Hosted

February 2019 saw EVERYONE going on about going self-hosted, the pros and who to go with. I had done my research and saw that insane price increases and it was something scary that I didn’t know what to do about. One morning I woke up to a DM from Setrahost, asking if I would like to work on a gifting basis with them. I was over the moon and more than happy to help promote a smaller business.

And with that, MSBLife went self-hosted. Say goodbye to home.blog and say hello to MBSLife.com! It has been an exciting journey and you can read all about it on my post review of SetraHost.

The Animal Crossing Tattoo

You may be thinking, ‘how on earth did you end up here?’ I’m asking the same question.

My Fight Against the Comfort Zone: The Animal Crossing Tattoo – MSBLife – 26th May 2019

The ‘Animal Crossing Tattoo‘ post has a special place in my heart. It was a very transitional point during my ‘Year of MSBLife’, with the creation of the series ‘My Fight Against the Comfort Zone’. To this day, I can’t quite believe I did it and I love that.

It was also around this time, unsurprisingly, people started taking my love for Animal Crossing seriously! Every day I wake up and see people mentioning me in Animal Crossing themed tweets and content and it makes me so happy. 🙂

The series, ‘My Fight Against the Comfort Zone’ would also see me write about using a menstrual cup, starting up boxing and creating a YouTube channel!

‘A Year of MSBLife’ MEGA Highlight – Cut Reload by Natacha Oceane: A Series Review

I have mentioned Natacha on my blog before and frankly her approach to training (and life in general) is everything I want and more.

Natacha Oceane – Cut Reload: A Series Review – Episode 1 – MSBLife – June 2nd 2019

It wouldn’t be a ‘Year of MSBLife’ highlights post if I didn’t mention this. ‘Cut Reload: A Series Review‘, to this day, are my most popular posts. Along with my ‘SHREDDY‘ review, it ranks second on Google which is AMAZING! It was here that I had finally found my ‘niche‘.

I have so many plans for MSBLife in 2020, in regards to reviewing fitness plans. As I write this I am doing Natacha Oceane’s RESTART guide so expect a review of that in March!

‘A Year of MSBLife’ MEGA Highlight – Meeting Emily and Megan

As I have mentioned before, I am SO grateful for everyone I have met through MSBLife. I feel very lucky to be able to say that during my ‘Year of MSBLife’ I had the opportunities to meet Emily and Megan!

I have my fingers crossed that I can meet up with them again in 2020 and also many more. Photos speak more than words, so here are some for the memory book… 🙂

Collaborating with CultureSmart

They cover the general key facts about a country but then keep going – and I love it. I’m not lying when I said I read the entire thing, front to back, one Saturday morning.

CultureSmart! Travel Guide Review – Prepared For Germany – MSBLife – August 2019

‘A Year of MSBLife’ saw me being gifted with CultureSmart’s Germany travel guide to review. Visiting Germany was THE first thing on my 2019 Bucket List and I was over the moon when Jack and I went in October. I took my CultureSmart guide around with me and learnt SO much! Make sure to check out my review if you are interested in learning more.

Honestly, wow. Looking back of ‘A Year of MSBLife’ and I feel so lucky. I cannot wait to see where my 2019-2020 adventure takes me! I have set a few low-key goals for the year so we shall see if I hit them…

If you are interested in hearing more about my 2020 goals then please go check out my YouTube channel where I talk about what I want to achieve this year.

What were your highlights of the past year? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time my friends!
-Millie 🙂


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