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5 Small Lifestyle Changes to Help the Environment!

I am sure by now you get the picture that if us humans don’t get our act together then the environment is going to head downhill – and fast. You may even be fed up of hearing about it. If you are, then I have a solution for you – change something.

The sooner and quicker we make lifestyle changes then the sooner and quicker we don’t have to keep hearing about the environmental disaster or the next species that have gone extinct. Everyone is different and are motivated by different concepts. Whilst my motivation is the animals, somebody else may just want everyone to stfu that they are using a plastic water bottle.

These ‘5 Small Lifestyle Changes’ are for everyone, whatever you are motivated for. (Although if you are the person fed up overhearing complaints about your plastic water bottle, spoiler alert: stop using plastic water bottles.)

Without further ado, LET’S GO:

1: PLASTIC (what a surprise)

I was having a conversation with a colleague the other day about plastic and he made quite a valid point.

“Plastic is not the problem; it is just the way we choose to use it.”

It is sad that we are at the point where we can’t seem to be responsible with our use of plastic, so we ban it. However, that is the life we live in. If I have children one day, I want their families to live in a better version of our world. (or you know, at least one that exists)

Reusable Material Bag from Vegabond in Amsterdam

Get yourself a bloody bag for life (or even better – a material bag/basket) and strut yourself around Tesco. (yes I am a Tesco girl, fight me) You will know that when the person at the till asks if you need a plastic bag – you can say no. Whilst you are at Tesco, invest in a BPA free reusable water bottle. Spend that little bit extra and get that bamboo toothbrush. (This is a mental note to me as well)

That BPA free reusable water bottle will do you some good (especially the lads) and your toothbrush doesn’t have to sit in a landfill for longer than you will be alive.

2: Sustainable Clothing

I haven’t delved too far into this one, I shall admit, although I am keen to learn and explore more into the world of sustainable clothing.

I have already stopped shopping at Primark and I am working on other similar high street brands. The situation of ‘fast fashion’ is improving with recycling points being installed in stores. These shops also tend to be more financially affordable. Not everyone can do, or afford, every lifestyle change. Personally, I don’t purchase clothes very often and can afford to save that to purchase potentially more expensive items when I need them. Some people can’t.

Do what you can and don’t feel guilty for what you cannot.

My first sustainable clothing purchase, not including from charity shops, (which you should go check out!) is Natacha Oceane’s UNITE cropped jumper. I LOVE this jumper and the ethical production promise that comes with it. (Animal testing is prohibited, no unnecessary waste and commitments to employee safety and happiness) 15% of profits also go to the charity MIND. If you are interested in purchasing a jumper/shirt, make sure to go check out Natacha’s online shop!

Me with Natacha Oceane's Sustainable Cropped Jumper - UNITE

The next adventure I am looking forward to embarking on with sustainable clothing is TALA. Grace Beverley is basically BOSS who has been part of creating the sustainable activewear brand, TALA. I am yet to or even have the chance, to purchase any products. (as the demand is crazily high) But, I am saving up my £ to get those leggings and a REC jumper! Along with the vegan-friendly resistance bands from Grace’s other business, B-ND,  she is truly leading the way with sustainable fashion!

3: Just Pick It Up

You are walking to work, university or just on a lovely stroll in the park. You come across a can on the floor. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Just pick it up.

Don’t even think about it, just do it. I know that it is awful that we have to pick up the rubbish left by others, but, when that animal doesn’t eat that piece of litter – it will be worth it.

If you are the person that throws litter out the car window, here is your chance to change. Just stick it on the car floor and recycle it when you get home. If you are the person walking past that piece of rubbish, please, pick it up.

4: Sustainable Period Products

This one is for all you monthly bleeders out there. I have recently spoken about my experience using a Menstrual Cup and if you haven’t tried it before I seriously recommend it. I included some scary facts in that post, so it is well worth a read.

Organicup Menstrual Cup showing Stem

Not everyone is a fan of them though and it is understandable. Instead, try other sustainable period products. I follow a brand called @myfreda on Instagram that makes 100% organic cotton tampons and I have heard of several other brands making reusable pads. Take some time to research into them as they can seriously make an impact on the Earth.

5: Food Waste

Now, this has been a tricky one and one that I didn’t think very much beforehand. We recently got a compost bin to put in our back garden and have been trying our best to collect our food waste and dispose of it in there. In fact, Move for Hunger, states that ‘food waste that ends up in landfills produces a large amount of methane – a more powerful greenhouse gas than even CO2.’ Whilst also using excessive amounts of water, food waste is something simple to think about.

Avoiding food waste would be the ideal situation, however, that isn’t always possible no matter how hard you try. Disposing of the food waste is in your control and that is why it has made it onto this simple small lifestyle changes list!

Thank you for taking the time to read this list! I hope it has given you some ideas and topics to go away and think about. Please let me know if you have made these/any changes and include your top other changes that I can start implementing in my life!

Till next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂


  • Lozza

    Very inspiring!

    I find I’m always picking up other people’s rubbish because it drives me mad when people are so thoughtless and don’t care what happens once they’re rid of it. If only they could see the damage it actually causes.

    Love Lozza xo

  • Sulo

    For me, use of plastic is what I reconsider a lot. I bought environment friendly bags for groceries and vegetable shopping that I can reuse. That way I don’t take plastic bags from the stores. This is a very useful post. I really enjoyed reading it.


    • msblife28

      Thank you Sulo! I completely agree and I always take my own bag along with me. Even when I forget I would rather struggle carrying than buy a plastic bag! I’m glad you found the post useful and thank you for reading 🙂

  • Shalvika Patil

    This is a topic very close to my heart! Loved your tips. I’ve moved to using steel and glass water bottles about a year ago. And I carry my own cloth bag in my handbag everyday. Just ordered my first menstrual cup. Hoping that I love it!
    Thank you for this lovely post!

  • Becca

    Love this article – we need to raise more awareness! I love my reusable Chillys Bottle and Keep Cup, it baffles me that people are still buying plastic bottles daily.

    We clubbed together at work to buy my boss a Keep Cup recently as he drinks 3 takeout coffees a day and they were all in disposable cups previously!

    • msblife28

      I see exactly the same thing happen where I work! Buying him a keep cup is such a nice idea and one that I shall bear in mind. Thank you so much for reading my post Becca! 🙂

    • msblife28

      Thank you Kayleigh! I hope you found them useful. I highly recommend looking into sustainable period products as they can be a life changer – especially like the menstrual cup was for me!

  • Tilly

    Totally agree- it’s a case of doing something- anything! We have to take individual responsibility for this planet. I love all 5 of your points, and I’m a HUGE fan of charity shopping. It’s truly an amazing thing to do: you’re helping an important cause, giving old clothing (some of it brilliant quality) a second life and the carbon footprint of the whole thing is pretty much nil. It’s a win-win, in my opinion 🙂 Great post, thank you x

    • msblife28

      Aw thank you so much Tilly! I’ve grown up giving clothes (and more!) to charity shops and in recent years have found quite good pieces there myself. Thank you so much for reading! ❤️

  • Jaya Avendel

    I love using my cotton pads and my family is a huge fan of leftovers. We also give our compost to our chickens and expired food to our dog. The only thing I want to be better about is plastic bags; I almost never remember to take reusable ones shopping and feel bad about coming home with all that plastic . . .

    • msblife28

      Aw that sounds great! I try to leave reusable bags in the car, in my bag and just anywhere. Worst comes to worst I just take the stuff out individually and get the bags when I get home. Good luck with the plastic use and thank you so much for reading Jaya!! 🙂

  • Jen

    omg I so needed this today! Just this morning my kids and I read that it takes 400 years for a a plastic toothbrush to decompose and I thought to myself that we need to make a greater effort to use less plastic. Great tips and an important reminder for all!! Thank you!

    • msblife28

      Thank you so much Jen! I am glad that my post proved useful and IKR!? I read something similar a little while back and after I have finished with this toothbrush (which maybe I will try find a way to use for something else???) I won’t be using another! Thanks for reading!! ❤️

  • Anda

    Great tips! I have two or three material bags, one in each purse I usually use when I go shopping so I always have one with me 😀 That way I can’t say I forgot it and get the plastic bags.

    • msblife28

      Thank you! That’s such a good idea because most people’s reasons for buying a plastic bag is that they forget. Thank you so much for reading Anda! 🙂

  • writingthebluesaway

    This is so helpful, I think it shows how we can all do at least one thing off this list to help the environment! I have a tonne of tote bags that I use for shopping and they’re so helpful. My next step is to look into getting a bamboo toothbrush and to research more into sustainable clothing! This is such an important topic to cover as I think a lot of people want to help but just aren’t sure how!

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