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Mother’s Day Special: 4 Reasons Why I Love My Mum!

Whilst Mother’s Day is on Sunday, 31st March, and the theme is in the air, I am not writing this purely because it’s Mother’s Day.

I am writing this because my Mum is the most amazing mum I have ever met, and whilst I tell her all the time, she remains in denial. Therefore, whilst this may be a Mother’s Day Special, this post is actually about why my Mum is so special and the BEST human being ever.

So, I shall set the scene for you, my lovely mother is called Sandra, but no surprise – I’m going to refer to her as ‘Mum’. (Inventive, I know.) She is probably older than what most other mums are, but that is because she lived her life before it was bombarded by my brother and me. I respect that so much and plan to follow the same concept because it worked out so well for her. She has lived as herself before her life became being my mum.

So, without further ado, my friends, here are 4 reasons why I love my Mum! (so very very much)

1: Selfless

I have yet to meet a person that is as selfless, which of course comes with its positives and negatives. I noticed this more as I grew up, in recent years, at just how much my Mum sacrifices and goes out of her way to help other people. This isn’t just my family members, this includes the neighbours or complete strangers. I love, and sort of hate, this about her. I hope that she becomes more selfish now as my brother and I are now grown up and don’t need to rely on her as much.

2: Strong

I don’t doubt that my Mum could throw a good punch. However, what I mean is her strength when dealing with what life brings. This isn’t a negative sob story, so I won’t go into such details – but she is strong. She still gets up every single day and does what she thinks needs to be done, no matter what. She fights one hell of a battle and I am blessed that she still here to laugh and joke with me.

3: Silly

This trait is something that I guess I look for? It is something I really like about my Dad and Jack too, just the fact that someone can be so silly. Each family has their own little inside jokes, and Mum and I’s relationship does not fall short. We still have ones going from years ago, like ‘It’s a man’ or every time one of us needs the toilet we should ‘WEEEEE’. It is those simple, silly, things that brighten up the day and makes a relationship what it is.

I introduced my parents to Snapchat in October 2017, and it was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made! Both my Mum and Dad send such hilarious Snapchats with the filters and just the fact that the silliness can continue after I leave the house is something I am very grateful for.

4: She lived, and still lives, to be my Mum

Now, this may sound obvious, and maybe a bit stupid, however, I will remain forever grateful that my mum lived her life to be my mum.

When I was younger, before we moved to the North of England, she was a stay-at-home mum. She trained and became a childminder, so my friends were always over at my house and we always hosted the parties.

Even now, my mum has always been at home. She works from home, but she was and still is, always there. Obviously this choice isn’t for everyone. But the fact that I knew my mum would be home every time I got back from school; who was always there during the holidays; and as I got older I knew that she would always be there. It gave me a sense of safety that I am very grateful for.

Never will I be able to return the favour of her living her life to be just my Mum, however, I can ensure that I respect her, make sure I tell her just how much I love and appreciate her every day. I can also try and take what she has taught me and try to be just as amazing of a mum as she is.

I know she is reading this, so thanks mum – I love you MORE!

Till next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂

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