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4 Podcasts to Listen to NOW! (Health, Fitness and David Tennant!)

Hello There!

I absolutely LOVE speaking! I’m an extrovert, who learns by asking questions – that I sometimes answer myself before I actually finish asking.

However what comes with asking questions is an answer, of which whilst the people around me may think I just blab on all the time, (which is a fair assumption) I actually really enjoy listening too.

Another fun fact is that driving on your own can be BORING, and I find myself doing quite a lot of it.

Now I wouldn’t be surprised if you are thinking along the lines of, ‘why are you chatting so much rubbish?’ WELL, it is because I want to share an addition into my daily, driving, life that allows me to listen and learn but also makes driving 10x more interesting.

And that thing is podcasts!

So without futher, in no particular order, below are my ‘Top 4 Podcasts’!

1 – Feel Better, Live More by Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Now, if you have read my recent blog posts, you would have heard me write about Dr Rangan Chatterjee, and YES – I am going to mention him again. I cannot emphasise how AMAZING his podcasts are and how informative they are too. They are suitable for all ages and he also takes into consideration all variations of dietary requirements/choices. His podcasts are structured, in a way, that he invites a guest each week and they discuss a topic that the guest is specialised in. Recent epsiodes I have listened too include topics on how childhood trauma can lead to addiction later on in life, eating your way to more energy and how social media could be making you ill. These topics alone show the range that the ‘Feel Better, Live More’ podcast covers, and Dr Chatterjee also ensures every podcasts ends with 4 tips or actions each listener can do in their day to day life.

Thumbnail for Dr Rangan Chatterjee's Feel Better Live More Podcast. I love this podcast and recommend it as one of my Top 4 Podcasts to listen to NOW!
Image from Castbox, belongs to Dr Rangan Chatterjee

2 – Hotter than Health by Eliza G. Fitness

I came across this one after searching ‘health’ in the search bar, as I hadn’t heard of Eliza before, however, I wish I had come across her sooner! As a personal trainer and nutritionist, she concentrates primarily on health and fitness BUT the special addition to this is that Eliza concentrates on ensuring each listener has the right information to have their, ‘morning conference call‘. Whilst each epsiode isn’t dedicated to using the bathroom, she always seems to find a way to get in it – which is great!

Thumbnail for Eliza G Fitness's Podcast Hotter Than Health Podcast. I recommend this as part of my Top 4 Podcasts to Listen to NOW!
Image from Castbox, belongs to Eliza G Fitness

3 – The Health Code by Sarah and Kurt

I ADORE Sarah’s youtube channel, Sarah’s Day, and her vibe is just everything I want from life! Whilst the main aim of these episodes are health and fitness, Sarah and Kurt’s personalities range so much further than that and they always do their ‘WEEEEKLLLY WRAAAPPP YEAH‘ HAHA I love their content so much and Sarah is currently VERY pregnant and I am so excited to see her ‘mum’ content!

Thumbnail for Sarah's Day's Podcast The Health Code. I recommend this as part of of my Top 4 Podcasts to Listen to NOW!
Image from Castbox, belongs to The Health Code

4 – David Tennant Does a Podcast With… by David Tennant

AHHH! Just as I was tweeting that I wish David Tennant could narrate my life… he brings out a podcast! He invites a guest on each week, which you probably guessed from the title, and they chat have a general chat and it’s very entertaining. The first one was with Olivia Colman (her Oscar’s speech was GOLD) and they are perfect when you are in that chatty mood but are currently alone, driving in your car!

Thumbnail for David Tennant's Podcast David Tennant Does a Podcast With. I recommend this as part of my Top 4 Podcasts to Listen to NOW!
Image from Castbox, belongs to David Tennant (lol)

These podcasts brighten up my weekly life, and actually make me excited to get in the car and drive to work. They have also taught me so many life-changing tips and I feel like I am so much more informed after listening to them. I cannot recommend going and having a listen enough.

Feel free to let me know if you listen to any of these podcasts, or if not, which ones you like to listen too! For those who haven’t delved into the would of podcasts, I use the (free) app called Castbox (not sponsored but hmu) and I just download them and listen to them without any internet connection.

Until next time my friends!
-Millie 🙂


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