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24 Hours in Edinburgh – Hike, Food and Board Games!

24 hours in Edinburgh. My third time visiting the city in a year. I find it hard to like cities, but Edinburgh I love.

Tuesday, June 16th 2019, marked Jack and I’s 2-year anniversary. We visited Edinburgh back in March 2019 and agreed that it was time to go back! With us going to spend the Wednesday in York, we had 24 hours to enjoy Edinburgh. That isn’t long but if you play it well – it is just enough.

Starting our 24 hours in Edinburgh with delays…

Are you even surprised that we started our anniversary off with train delays and cancellations? I swear I must be jinxed with bad train luck but thankfully, only an hour late, we were on our way to Edinburgh!

1st Stop – Piemaker

You may have seen me speak about Piemaker in my last Edinburgh post. Once again, it was the first thing on our list! I had a spinach, leek and onion vegan pasty and Jack had a steak pasty. We (Jack) made an absolute mess eating them but that’s how you know you enjoyed it!

Jack in Piemaker in Edinburgh with Vegan and Meat Pastys

If you are looking for a vegan and meat-friendly pastry place then I recommend visiting the Piemaker, about a 10-minute walk from Edinburgh Waverly station, to start off your Edinburgh trip!

2nd Stop – Hike up Arthur’s Seat – Highlight of our 24 hours in Edinburgh!

I had hiked up to the extinct volcano with my brother last July and when we didn’t get a chance to go up in March, I knew we had to this time. The weather was fantastic, the views were fantastic and I recommend prioritising some time in your 24 hours for this!

Me at the top of Arthur's Seat with open arms

One reason why I love Edinburgh, and the hike up to Arthur’s Seat, is the fact that you can see all the different kinds of terrain. There is the city, countryside AND the beach – win, win and win! With breath-taking photo opportunities, this hike is a MUST! (If you are worried about the climb, there are many ways to reach the top and is accessible for all fitness-types.)

View from the top of Arthur's Seat

3rd Stop – Noughts & Coffees

It may not be the most Edinburgh-tourist activity to do but you NEED to pop into Noughts & Coffees for a drink and unlimited board games. Jack and I spent a good 2 hours in there playing. I taught Jack how to play Splendor where he then proceeded to beat me. We tried and failed to play one other board game and then Jack beat me (again) at Trivial Pursuit!

Jack in Noughts and Coffees from our 24 hours in Edinburgh

The staff there were lovely, popping in and out when we couldn’t decide on what board game to play. I also wish I had come not so close to dinner, as there was Vegan BBQ Jackfruit!

Board game menu at Noughts and Coffees from our 24 hours in Edinburgh

4th Stop – Bibi’s Bakery

If you read my post back in March, I know you understand why we popped back into Bibi’s Bakery. Their vegan Oreo Tiffin is DELICIOUS! I was stood outside the shop eating it and a family came over. The husband asked me where I had bought the tiffin from and that he NEEDED a slice! Bibi’s Bakery has treats for all and is definitely worth a place on your list.

5th Stop – The Edinburgh High-Street Shops

Now, this isn’t something you really plan to do, more just find yourself popping in and out of the shops on Prince’s Street. Jack can’t pass a shoe shop without going in so you can imagine how it went! This isn’t a must but if you have some spare time then check out the high street shops.

6th Stop – Frankie and Benny’s

We ate at Frankie and Benny’s for the first time in AGES for my birthday weekend, and with Meerkat Meals, we thought we would head back. I ordered myself a garlic pizza bread for starter and a vegan hot dog and fries for my main. Jack also had a garlic pizza bread and a pizza. We ate all that for less than £20! By this point, it was getting late so it was time to start the walk back to our Airbnb…

7th Stop – Anna’s AirBn

Jack and I use Airbnb for almost everywhere we travel and our stay at Anna’s did not disappoint! Anna was a kind and lovely women who had made her lil‘ flat feel so homely. With a comfy bed, the essentials and only a 30-minute walk from the centre – I recommend checking Anna’s place out HERE!

The view from the Airbnb we stayed in during our 24 hours in Edinburgh!

There we have it, 24 hours in Edinburgh!

Whilst we didn’t do many of the ‘tourist attractions’, we still had an amazing time and Jack and I would both recommend any of the places I mentioned.

Have you visited Edinburgh before? I am sure we will be heading back soon so please leave any suggestions below!

Till next time my friends!

-Millie 🙂


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